Tips and tricks that will prevent your eyeliner from smudging

There are plenty of ways to make your eyes look well defined and attractive using makeup but nothing really works as wonderfully as eyeliner does. It is an underrated product that deserves much more appreciation than it gets. A simple line drawn over the upper lash line or lower lash line using a liner can instantly make your eyes look spruced up and your face more defined. And while we truly are thankful for this product, there’s also no denying the fact that smudged eyeliner can be one of the most frustrating and annoying things to deal with. Applying eyeliner is no easy job, it takes from minutes to hours to get the application nice and precise and it only takes a few seconds for it to get smudged off.
But we have some good news for you, for all those girls, who are having a hard time with their eyeliner, we just got to know of some ways that can help your eyeliner stay in place all day long. With just little effort, you can keep your eyeliner intact and prevent it from smudging.

Prime your lids

Primer is the main key to keeping your makeup intact and prevent it from smudging off and it’s not just your face that needs priming, your lids could also use the same to ensure that your eye makeup doesn’t come or smudge off. To create a nice base for your eyeliner, apply a primer to the lids and let it settle onto your skin for a few minutes before applying the eyeliner. This won’t only keep your eyeliner in place but will also prevent it from smudging.

Apply an eye shadow

One of the easiest ways to make your eyeliner last longer without getting smudged is by using an eyeshadow. If your gel or liquid eyeliner cannot stay intact for long hours, then this eyeshadow trick will work the best for you. After you have applied the eyeliner, top it off using eyeshadow in the same color. This will make sure that your eyeliner doesn’t budge and will also add a smokey effect to your eyes.

Use concealer

Concealer is one of those products that we can always count on when nothing else seems to be working well for us. And when it comes to keeping your eyeliner from smudging off, this concealer trick can actually work wonders. Apply a small amount of concealer on your under-eye area. Doing so will prevent your eyeliner from seeping into your fine lines. The concealer basically acts as a barrier between your skin and eyeliner, which further ensures that your eyeliner stays intact and looks fresh all day long.

Try layering technique

Another great trick to make your eyeliner last longer is by using a layering technique. This technique works in a quite similar way to your lipstick application. When you layer your lipstick with another coat, the shade not only looks very vibrant and rich but it also makes the lipstick long-lasting. And when it comes to eyeliner, after applying it on your eyes, smudge it off using a makeup brush. Reapply the eyeliner again and this will create a nice and subtle smokey effect whilst also making your eyeliner long-lasting.

Use blotting sheets

People who have oily skin struggle a lot to keep their makeup from melting off. And for someone with oily lids, you can easily prevent your eyeliner from smudging by using absorbent sheets like blotting sheets. Always keep them handy, and whenever you lids start to become oily, you can use these sheets to get rid of excess oil and dirt. This trick will ensure that your eyeliner lasts longer.

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