Goth Make-up Essentials That One Needs

Goth Make-up Essentials That One Needs

Makeup is a fun activity and therapy that is very engrossing. It is a whole new different world that has many elements that one needs to understand first, to achieve a certain look. Here, goth makeup has been discussed, as what goes into this theme, and how you can make it come through flawless.

There are a few things that are pretty central to the idea of goth makeup. First, is the alluring presence of darkness which is brought out by overdone eyes and fuller lips. The second is pale skin. To get this look, you will need the following products in your makeup vanity.


  1. Dark Lipstick

Dark lipstick, and by dark, it means the darkest shades from the color palette, towards the black end, is crucial to gothic makeup. For the dark color to have a full effect, outline the lips with a dark lip pencil first. Create fuller lips with an ombre effect, using black lip pencil first, then going in with black lipstick around the outlines, and then putting in a less dark hue in red or brown.

Dark Lipstick

  1. Matching Foundation

Whatever your skin color is, pick a matching one always, no matter what style you are going in with. As you are aiming for pale-looking skin here, you will need to press in the foundation better, probably with a stippling brush. Since there is more foundation coverage, the blemishes and lines will be effectively blurred. This will build a clean canvas for the contrast to come through the dark shades of eye and lip makeup.

Matching Foundation

  1. Black Kohl or Eye Liner

To make your eyes look dramatic, you can’t deny black eyeliner or kohl. Gothic style requires you to line your eyes all around in a rather thick fashion, making your eyes appear bold and impactful. The liner can be as dramatic, extensive, and stylized as you like but don’t compromise on the level of darkness.

Black Kohl or Eye Liner

  1. Smokey Eyeshadow Palette

Yes, a fitting eyeshadow palette is always a great thing to keep in your vanity. Here, this smokey eyeshadow will give your lip a relatively greater space for impact. Because when you are not willing to work much with liner, the smokey shades will create the much-needed depth. You can either only opt for eyeshadow or combined it with a liner to create the eye shape you like.

When you are only working with eyeshadow, include more black with red, violet, and brown to make your eyes richer.

Smokey Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Eyebrow Pencil

Well-brushed eyebrows, if not darkened, are necessary here. Your eyebrow pencil will just add the tint you need but other than that it needs to be either brushed well or put in the sharpest shape. In the first option, your eyes will appear more upfront because the eyebrows will appear faded. When you are looking for an edge, shape up your eyebrows.

Eyebrow Pencil

  1. Loose Face Powder

Pale skin for gothic style is a big yes. When you are done putting on the foundation, use a loose powder to even up everything. The blurred look will fit in perfect contrast for your eyes and lips to do the magic. Having such plain skin for gothic style is no doubt the scariest part because of flawless it is made.

Loose Face Powder

There you go! These were the necessary makeup items you will ever need to get a goth makeup look. You can wear this look to Halloween parties and such parties with eccentric themes where fashion can be made possible above anything else. Dark lipstick and overlined eyes are the two most essential features of the gothic concept of beauty. This draws in a lot of focus on to eyes and lips.

All other things are just extra!

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