5 Easy Steps To Achieve A Perfect Makeup Look For Selfies

We all love to click selfies, capturing every bit of our life. As per a recent survey, women aged, between 19 to 30 years spend 5 hours a week on taking selfies. So, don’t you think you want your best face to be clicked?
Thanks to the latest technological advancements! With the high-resolution camera feature added to the smartphones, it captures the very minute details thus you need to have a second skin that is pore-less and free from any blemishes.
In the feed, we have gathered 5 easy steps that will help you achieve a flawless look for the perfect selfies.

Step 1- Skin Prepping

We all know the first step in creating a perfect look is to plump up your skin. Dry and dehydrated skin can break your makeup look giving an impression of a dull and tired complexion. Thus, invest in plumping serums that really hydrate your skin giving an impression of a youthful complexion.
On hydrated skin, even makeup sits very beautifully. Just a few drops of the serum will brighten, minimize fine lines, and plump up the skin, creating a smooth base for your makeup look.

Step 2- Pore-less Primer

No one wants there open pores to peep through the selfies, greeting your viewers! Investing in a pore-less primer can be a real help if you have large open pores.
Filter the open pores with poreless primer and you can enjoy flawless selfies. Selfies speak about you and most importantly about your look and if you want to fetch some compliments not just words you ought to fill the pesky open pores.
• Apply ice over the area and then take a small dime-size amount of the primer and gently press it onto the open pores. Make sure you’re not rubbing the product just gently pushing or pressing it.

Step 3- Color Correcting

Color correction is used to fix an array of skin issues, such as dark circles, redness, skin discoloration, and dullness. For beginners, it is a very complicated and tricky step. But, in the feed, we have broken down the step into simple ways so that you can understand what color you need for your skin concern.
• For Dark Circles- you need an orange color corrector for darker skin and pink for lighter skin
• For Redness or Blemishes- you need a green color corrector
• For bruising over the skin- you need a yellow color corrector
• For Hyperpigmentation or Melasma- you need a brown color corrector
• For dullness- you need a peach color corrector
• When you’re applying a color corrector make sure you’re using only a small amount and blend it properly with the help of a damp beauty sponge. Blending is the key!

Step 4- Perfect Base

For selfie makeup look always prefer a light-weight, true tone, and HD foundation that sits on your skin nicely without accentuating fine lines, or anything applied before this step. Heavy bases can make your skin look as if plastered and since the high pixel cameras of your phone capture the minute details you can’t take the risk.
The natural makeup look gives perfect selfies. So, always go with natural finish foundations.

Step 5- Set Everything

For a perfect and long-lasting makeup look use a finishing powder so that whenever you feel to click selfie you don’t have to rush for touch-ups.
We would suggest you opt for translucent finishing powders as they don’t leave any whitish cast and are even light-weight.

With these steps you get silky, smooth complexion ready to look flawless and beautiful in those selfies.

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