Useful tips and tricks to make your blush look perfect every time

For some girls, it’s a mascara that they cannot do without, and then there are a few who just cannot do without adding a hint of color to their cheeks, and if you happen to belong to the latter category, high-five! We are on the same team. Although we do love our each makeup product equally, blush has a very special place in our heart and our makeup kit, of course! Much like your foundation, lipstick, and mascara, blush is also an indispensable part of your makeup kit, which can do absolute wonders for your look every single time. Besides adding a hint of color to your cheek, it also gives you a very flushed and youthful appearance, and given the fact that it can do it all single-handedly, makes this product even more valuable. While adding blush to your cheeks can make a huge difference to the way you look, it isn’t always in a good way. If applied wrong, your blush can end up making you look a bit clownish, and that’s the last thing you would want.
Listed below are a few tips and tricks that will ensure that you have applied blush correctly.

Always prep your skin first

Before you go ahead with blush, always make sure that your skin is well-prepped and serves as a nice base for the application of blush. It’s extremely important to prep your skin using a moisturizer. It not only leaves your skin moisturized and hydrated but also makes it a lot smoother, which makes it easier for your blush to blend on the skin. You can also apply some primer on your cheeks to create a smooth base for the blush and prevent it from fading or smudging.

Choose the shade wisely

Much like your foundation and concealer, it’s imperative to pick your blush in the right shade. Just randomly picking any color might not prove to be the best investment. Using a blush that is too dark will end up making you look old, whereas, using a light blush will make you look very unnatural, and you surely don’t want either of the two things happening to you. Therefore, always pick the right shade according to your skin tone.

Apply blush using the right brush

Another important thing to bear in mind for applying blush is to use the right brush for its application. Sometimes, despite having the right shade and formula and even after well prepping your skin, the blush doesn’t work for you and looks far from perfect. With everything else to be perfect, the only thing that can be questioned here is the brush you are using to apply the blush. Instead of using just any kind of blush, pick the one that has dense and natural bristles so that you can dust just the right amount of blush on your cheeks, which looks more natural and flawless.

Use a sheer foundation to tone down your blush

Sometimes we accidentally end up applying a lot more blush than it is required, which makes us look a bit clownish. However, you shouldn’t fret, and you don’t need to wipe it off completely and apply it all over again. All you need is a sheer foundation, apply a tiny amount of it on the wet makeup sponge and dab it over your blush gently to reduce the intensity of color.

Lock your blush in place using a tissue

If applying a sheer foundation isn’t an option for you to reduce the intensity of color, you can use a tissue to do the trick. Take a tissue and place it over your cheeks, then using a makeup sponge, gently press it on the tissue. And this will take care of the color intensity whilst also setting your blush in place.

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