Life-Changing Primer Hacks For Oily Skin

A primer is an inevitable step for the ones blessed with oily skins. Not only primer on oily skin is used to minimize the appearance of open pores but also to control excess sebum production, eliminate shiny T-zone, and gliding the base nicely. So, you can understand how crucial this step is.
But to have all this benefit that a primer does, you don’t require having a primer. Yes, you heard that right! In the feed, we have gathered 5 simple hacks that give you the post primer effect without actually applying a primer.
Want to know all the 5 hacks? Stay with us till the end!

Hack 1: Exfoliate

Exfoliation helps in shrinking the size of pores and making them less noticeable. It digs all the gunk, dirt, grime, and bacteria out of the pores making them shrink in size.
So, gently exfoliate your skin regularly, and after you exfoliate your skin apply toner and a serum that suits your skin so that the skin looks plumped up.
Pro-tip: Always prefer washing your face with cold water as cold water helps in closing the open pores.

Hack 2: Rub An Ice Cube

Before applying makeup, rub an ice cube over the open pores. Ice helps in shrinking the size of large pores. Ice has a skin-tightening effect that helps in tightening and minimizing the large pores. It also stimulates blood circulation and controls oil secretion.
• Wrap an ice cube in a cotton or silk cloth.
• After washing your face with a mild cleanser and cold water, rub the ice cube around your nose or all over your face.
• Once your face is dry apply toner and a moisturizer and you can start with your regular makeup routine.
With regular application of ice cube, you’ll notice a significant reduction in the pore size.

Hack 3- Clay Mask

Clay is known to be negatively charged thus it attracts all the negatively charged toxins present in the skin, digging them out of the surface. As an order, you get clean and smooth looking skin.
• Wash your face with cold water.
• Apply a thin layer of clay mask around the nose or if you wish you can apply it all over the face.
• Keep it for about 15 minutes and rinse it off with cold water.
• Apply a thick layer of moisturizer on the skin.
With the very first use, you’ll see a reduction in the size of open pores.

Hack 4- Gold Peel-off Mask


Another effective hack for primer is to apply a gold-infused peel-off mask before the makeup routine. Gold peel-off mask absorbs the excess oil on the skin and unclogging the pores and making the large pores less prominent. You get a glowing and soft complexion, nicely prepped for makeup.
• Clean your face with a mild cleanser.
• Apply the gold peel-off mask and keep it for about 10 minutes.
• Remove the peel and moisturize your skin.
You instantly see a glowing complexion and blurred open pores.

Hack 5- Retinol Serum

This one is a skincare practice that if used diligently and regularly can actually discard the need of a primer. Retinol is Vitamin A that clears clogged pores and removes dead skin layer making pores appear smaller.
Incorporate a retinol serum in your skincare regime and use it twice once in the morning and once in the night. Make sure you stick to the routine to see visible results.
Pro-tip: make sure you apply a broad-spectrum SPF when you’re using retinol-based products in your skincare regime.

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