Easy and effective ways to deal with flaky skin in winter

Winters affect your skin in more ways than just one. You not only have to deal with winter dryness but also other problems dryness brings along, including flaking. Since dryness is extremely common in winter, people usually take this issue very lightly and often leave it unattended or unaddressed, which is not the wisest thing to do. Failing to address winter dryness at the right time will only make things worse for you, and you will only find it harder to deal with winter skin. Therefore, it’s always suggested to not let go of winter dryness lightly and follow all the necessary precautions and tips to prevent this issue from inviting a bunch of other problems.

When you fail to address dry and dehydrated skin, your skin’s barrier gets compromised, which in turn, becomes susceptible to damage. Once your skin barrier is damaged or disrupted, your skin gets exposed to several harmful pollutants present in the air and also loses moisture. The loss of essential hydration in the skin leads to excessively dry skin, which eventually starts peeling or flaking. Itchiness, inflammation, tightness, and tiny breakouts on the skin are some of the common issues associated with flaking or peeling. These issues collectively pose a problem and come in the way of maintaining healthy skin during winters.

Listed below are some useful ways to protect and replenish your skin barrier, which in turn, will prevent flaky skin.

Include skin-restoring ingredients in your routine

The right kind of moisturizer can make a world of difference to your skin; you just need to figure out the ingredients that will work best for your dry skin in winter. One of the best ways to deal with winter dryness and prevent it from inviting other problems like flakiness is by including skin-restoring ingredients in your routine such as hyaluronic acid, glycerine, and ceramides. Apart from ensuring that your moisturizer is suitable for your skin type, you should also look for the above-mentioned ingredients in the product to keep flaky skin at bay.

Include omega-3 fatty acids in your diet

There are two types of fats- good fats and bad fats, these two are further categorized into different fats that are either good or bad for one’s health. Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the good fats, they help in the production of natural oils that further helps to keep your skin nourished from the inside. Flaxseed oil and fish oil capsules are enriched with essential fatty acids that help in keeping your skin’s lipid barrier healthy from the inside. Regular consumption of omega-3 fatty acids in the right amount will help to keep your skin super smooth and flake-free throughout the winter season.

Apply a thick cream over your serum

If you have excessively dry and flaky skin, then you need to try this trick. Start off by applying a hydrating serum to your face, once it has been absorbed into the skin, you can layer it with a thick cream to seal in the nourishment in your skin. Winter tends to rob moisture from your skin, therefore, it’s essential to lock in the nourishment to keep your skin healthy and moisturized during the cold months.

Exfoliate your skin gently

Exfoliation is an absolute must in winter, and it is essential for every skin type. The accumulation of dead skin cells on the skin makes it appear flaky and dull; this is where exfoliation comes into the picture. One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to exfoliation is you should exfoliate your skin very gently and only do it twice a week. Over exfoliation can cause some serious damage to your skin; therefore, you should limit yourself to exfoliate your skin just twice a week and not more than that. Also, make sure to use a gentle scrub for this job.

Target flakiness with a facial oil

Applying a nourishing facial oil to your face is one of the best ways to target dry and flaky patches on the skin. A facial oil is a much gentler way to get rid of flaky skin instead of exfoliating it with harsh and physical exfoliants.

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