Makeup Tips While Wearing A Face Mask

While we can’t imagine stepping out of the house without a mask, does that mean we have to give up on makeup? Some of you might think putting makeup underneath a mask unnecessary but it can make a huge difference and will help to create a sense of normalcy in your mind.
With the adoption of masks as the basic necessity, our makeup routine has also been revamped. Now, the look would focus more on accentuating your eyes and eyebrows and less towards the base.
In the feed, we have brought for you some amazing makeup tips with the mask game on!

Moisturize Your Face

No matter if you’re going to do a light-makeup or you’ll be wearing a mask, moisturizer is something you can’t just skip. Always start with a moisturized and nicely prepped skin even if the look is all about your eyes and eyebrows.
Moisturizer instantly plumps your skin and adds that natural glow. If you’re an oily skin, make sure you’re using a light-weight, non-comedogenic moisturizer that will not clog your pores or make you feel sticky. Also, wearing face masks can lead to irritated skin, and moisturizer helps in treating the irritation.

Go With A Natural Base

Keep your base as light as possible and thus opt for light-weight, tone-matching foundations. The heavy base under a mask can clog your pores and leads to skin irritation therefore opt for light foundations.
Even if you’re using a light-weight foundation make sure not to over-use it. Just two pumps of your foundation are good enough for your entire face. If you’ve oily skin, avoid applying too much foundation on the T-zone.
Another great tip would be to use a true-tone foundation for a natural look. A true-tone foundation means the foundation that exactly matches your skin tone and gives a natural appearance.

Always Use A Setting Powder

Since, you’re putting makeup underneath a face mask, making your makeup last long is really important plus you need to set everything at a place so that it doesn’t stick to the face mask. And, for that, a setting powder is a must.
Once, you’re done with your base, dust setting powder all over the face to set everything. For setting powder always prefer using a translucent one that will not leave any whitish cast over your makeup. You can opt for a loose or pressed translucent powder.

Pop Up Your Eyes

Eye is the most important part of a mask makeup look and to make your look impactful, you need to focus on your eyes. The simplest way to pop up your eyes without doing much is to apply loads and loads of mascara. Mascara easily accentuates your eyes, making them appear much bigger and noticeable.
If you want you can use a voluminous mascara to add more volume to your lashes. And, if you want to play with the look, you can use colorful mascaras as well.
Don’t forget to use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. As an eyelash curler will help in holding your mascara for a really long time.


Trim your eyebrows and fill them up!
Nicely trimmed and filled eyebrows accentuate your look a notch up. Make sure you get rid of all the extra hair and fill your eyebrows using a pomade, gel, or pencil whatever you prefer.
For choosing the shade, make sure you opt for one shade lighter to your natural shade so that it looks natural. Use light feathery strokes for filling up your eyebrows and make sure you do not over-do and only fill the scanty areas.

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