Effective Tips To Soothe Itchy And Irritated Skin

Summer season can take a huge toll on our skin by showing up a lot of fair skin issues and irritated, red, and pesky skin is one of the most severe side effects of this hot and humid weather. Everyone can get an itchy skin irrespective of the age and type of skin. It’s quite a normal thing in summer but if that itchiness lasts for more than 72 hours it calls for a serious lookout.
There can be many factors associated with itchy skin such as weather conditions, over-exfoliation, over- washing, and reaction to certain products, ingredients, or medications. If you’re suffering from itchy skin and looking for best remedies to counter the problem or you constantly suffer from red irritated skin you have clicked on the right feed. You definitely need to make some changes in your diet as well as in your skincare regime when you suffer from such a skin issue. The best approach would be to keep everything you use on your skin low-key.
We have scooped out effective yet easy tips to counter the itchy and irritated skin. Do follow these tips and you will see a huge difference. If you are suffering from severe itchiness we would advise you to visit your dermatologist for better treatment. Stay Tuned!

Apply Cooling Agents

When you suffer from itchy skin you should look for products that have cooling agents infused. Swap your moisturizers with the ones that have calamine or menthol in them. These ingredients are known to provide you the cooling effect that could be a great relief for irritated skin.
If you constantly suffer from red or itchy skin in summer we would advise you to use these ingredients regularly so that you don’t suffer from itchy skin again. Also, moisturize your skin twice a day and your moisturizer should be free from fragrances, additives, and perfumes as these ingredients can make the issue even worse.

Apply Ice Pack

Here is a great piece of advice to all whenever you come back home always make sure to rub ice on your face wrapped in a soft cloth. As we are out our skin has to go throw a lot of things sun exposure, dirt, grime, and pollution that could irritate the skin’s natural barrier so, rubbing a piece of ice would a great relief.
Now let’s jump to our concern if you suffer from itchy skin apply an ice pack to the affected area and keep it for about 10 minutes. Follow this regularly and you’ll see great results.

Avoid Scratching Your Face

Another effective thing to counter the itchiness of your skin would be to avoid abrasive scrubbing of your skin or scratching it as it could further exaggerate your itchiness and can make your skin even more sensitive. Also, this could increase the chances of infections and transfer of bacteria and that we don’t want, right. So, avoid scratching your skin even if you’re tempted to do so.

Always Use Cold Water

No matter if you suffer from itchy skin or not always make sure you use cold water to rinse your face. Cold-water soothes your skin, tightens the pores, improves blood circulation, calms your skin, and delays the aging process, therefore, make sure you always prefer washing your face with cold water.

Cover Your Face

Whenever you step out of the house try to cover your face and the exposed parts of your body as the scorching heat and UV rays of the sun might harm and irritate your skin. No matter if you’re using a broad spectrum SPF still we would recommend you cover your face on a sunny day.

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