Wear The Glamorous Eye Make-Up For Festivity And Occasions

Each year begins and ends with lots of festivities. Indeed we wish to differentiate our looks, dresses, and accessories for every occasion. Well, today we will discuss the eye make for a special occasion. As the saying goes eyes are the mirror of a person’s soul which implies pointing focus on them is a major necessity. Therefore, you need to be aware of the best makeup technique and the look this season. Mainly the eyes have given a glittery shiny look to capture attention.

Midnight Eyes


This eye make-up will go best during the night time. The dark grayish texture makes it all the way more alluring. Moreover, it goes along well with every complexion. Firstly, you need to apply deep dark blue shade as the base on the eyelid as well as a line under the lower lash. After this apply some glittery blue shade resembling the previously applied blue. Make sure you blend the glitter properly with the layer before. Lastly, apply mascara on both the lashes. Your eye will pop up your face and the look will go with every nightdress.

Sunset Eyes

This makeup is a perfect look at the sunset. A little red, orange, golden and purple look so hot together. Let’s see what you could do to get the look. After applying the layer of primer and concealer top it up with a light shade. The reason to apply light color first is that it not only blends easily but merges with darker shades well. Following this, add the orange layer blend it nicely, after that apply hot pink shade from the beginning of the lid and merge it well with the orange in the middle. Finally, apply a purple layer in the outer corner and give it finishing by adding purple eyeliner and a little bit of glitter on the edges. View the final look after applying mascara.

Metallic Eyes

Metallic shadows are in trend for some seasons now. To be precise these shades suggest the person be strong-headed and transfer the appearance as a challenging person. To apply this shade, do the basics and then choose dark base shade if you want smoky eyes. Then, blend the metallic eye shadow with the layer and you are set to go. Otherwise, you can apply a single layer of this eye shadow on the upper lid and sight layer merging into the eyeliner on the lower lid. For a refined look apply mascara.

Colored Mascara

Thinking of wearing something blue why don’t you pair it with the blue mascara. Apply the basic, a deep blue layer as a base. Apply a sight lighter shade to the end corner and then, smudge it with some glitter glue as the top layer. Finally, put a hint of peacock green in the center. Your eye will look fabulous. In the end, if you apply blue mascara which is easily available in the market these days. The look will be nothing like you have seen before.

Rainbow Eyes

Colors add more beauty to the eyes. If you are planning to wear a solid rainbow color dress or multicolor dress then, this look is perfect for you. Apply primer and concealer to the lid and then apply white as the base. The first rainbow layer will be of yellow apply it properly on lids. Now take a thin brush, beginning from the outside apply violet, followed by red and lastly a bit of green. Blend the color firmly with each other. Add a layer of eyeliner on the top and finally apply mascara. If you have fake eyelashes now is the time to apply them and give a mascara touch up.
The above-mentioned looks are all the details you need to get ready for all the occasion this year. In case, you feel to known the look for daily routine then check out our other posts. If you want a particular color look write to us, in the comment column and we will get back to you with details.

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