Do’s and Don’ts to follow while applying dry shampoo

We all have had days when our hair just couldn’t start behaving especially on days when it was supposed to look in its best version. Dealing with bad hair days was quite a struggle until dry shampoo made its way into the market. In no time, dry shampoo became every girl’s favorite hair product which always made sure that no girl would ever have to deal with bad hair day again in the future. No matter how amazing you look from your outfit, but flat, greasy hair can easily bring your look down. While not everybody has got the time to wash their hair and style it, but a dry shampoo has got your back. You wouldn’t need to worry about your hair looking flat, greasy the third day of washing it when you have dry shampoo in your arsenal. Just by applying a few spritzes of it on your hair, you will have it looking fresh, bouncy and shiny in no time. But, like any other hair product, there’s also the right way of applying dry shampoo. And the question is, are you doing it right? There’s only one way to find out. Scroll down through the article, where we have listed some do’s and don’ts of applying dry shampoo and find out if you have been doing it the right way all this while.

Do: Spray it on roots only

The objective of using dry shampoo is to get rid of all the oiliness and greasiness from your scalp. Therefore, your scalp aka your hair roots are the primary focus, so you should apply the dry shampoo on your roots only and not on the tips of your hair which are already dry. Divide your hair into different sections and apply a few spritzes of dry shampoo on your hair roots. If you end up using dry shampoo on the tips of your hair then they are going to look rough and lifeless.

Don’t: Go overboard with it

As important and useful as the dry shampoo is, you should be equally paying attention to the amount of it you’re using on your hair. While it may help you to get rid of oiliness and greasiness, but if you overuse the product then it can damage your mane by making it dry and also prone to breakage. It’s a product that helps in absorbing excess oil and not a hair cleanser, so you better pay attention to the amount of dry shampoo you are using. Dry shampoo may have got you covered on the third day of washing your hair but you can’t always rely on it for days. Eventually, you will have to wash your hair for real using hair shampoo.

Do: Let it absorbed by your hair

To get the best and effective results out of the dry shampoo, do wait for a few minutes to let the product blend nicely on your hair after you have sprayed or sprinkled it on your hair roots. You can use your fingertips to rub the product onto your roots, after that you can run a comb through your mane to distribute the product evenly on your hair. It will take a couple of minutes for the dry shampoo to work and settle onto your hair. After making sure that the oil has been absorbed, you can go ahead with styling your hair.

Don’t: Spray the product too close

Distance matters a lot when it comes to applying the dry shampoo. It shouldn’t be either too far or too close, maintaining a distance of at least six to ten inches would be an ideal and safe distance. While spraying dry shampoo keep it at a distance as we suggested and you will be good to go. On the contrary, if you keep the spraying bottle too close to your hair, then it may leave a chunk of white residue on your hair which won’t only be difficult to blend but will also result in wastage of product.

Do: Use it on dry hair

While it’s a common-sense but we would still like to mention it here that the dry shampoo is supposed to be used on dry hair and not wet. Applying it on freshly washed wet hair won’t do any good to your mane but doing so may leave a few clumps in your scalp. The product is called dry shampoo for a reason and that’s to be sprayed on dry hair when your scalp starts turning greasy and oily, there’s no other way to it.

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