Get a Face Lift with This Make-up look

It is so not easy to get yourselves a facelift these days. It costs you more and it can be risky sometimes. So rather than going for the unsure methods of getting a face lifting, try using makeup. Makeup can do wonders to the face. So to lift your face with makeup you will need some major brown eye shadow palette. These days you get so many single colors various tone palettes that you can just carry them anywhere you like. Keeping the rest of the make-up same as you do. We will lay more focus on the eye make-up as these are the basis on which can lift your eye. So let’s begin describing the basic look and then the look that you need to experiment.

Face Prep

To prepare your face you will need to add the basic products to your face like the primer, foundation, and concealer. To begin with, you will wash your face and use a serum. To make sure your skin has absorbed the serum and it just not lying on top as a layer. To push the serum in the skin you can use gua sha or jade roller. Apply your sunscreen and then the primer. Since the face is prepared with the basic layer. Let’s add the make-up layers. Beginning with the foundation, use a liquid one and blend it using a brush or a beauty blender. Don’t be afraid if there are some spots left uncovered. Make sure the neck and face tone is similar.


Concealer plays an important role in skin brightening and lightening. You need to conceal the spots or marks that you may have. So you need to apply concealer to your forehead, nose side, under the eye, and the under lips. These are the few places where we get dark spots so if you have dark spots anywhere else you can cover that part as well with the concealer. The trick to conceal is to dab the product in its place rather than moving in a circular motion. See when we need to brighten or hide the uneven tone we will not want the product to move from the place. It should be dabbed only. Finally, blend in with the foundation brush.


To lift the face you need to lift your brows. Usually, we all have the brows which are pointing towards the end and falling. You need to make them up. Take a pencil and keep it diagonally from your nose to head. Point the mark on where your eyebrows should fall. Then create the fake brows. Not cutting your natural brows you can hide then using concealer. Our brows ends are light shade even when you have a deep brown top, it can be covered easily. Using a brow pencil cover the brows and make them pointy at the end. It can take time to make sure you get it right in the first place. Don’t forget to mark.

Eye Make-Up

No need to touch the inner end of the eyes, after you have primed them. Begin with the outer corner, use a light caramel shade eye shadow, dabbing it in the corner just flare out the brush in the outward direction. It should go like a wing and end just under the eyebrows. No need to make them meet, maintain the difference but keep the wing. Now, make this wing visible using the same technique. You might have to go over two three-time using the same tone. Now, using your eyebrow brush take a slightly darker eyeliner and draw the line from the inner end to the other end, fading away with the eye shadow. Place nude eye shadow in the inner corner. Place the fake lashes to the outer corner and wear mascara on top.

Contact Lens

After doing the eye make-up you can wear a color lens. Let’s them be any tone you like otherwise the hazel brown will really help the look.

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