Follow these nail care tips for strong and healthy nails

Every woman wants to look their best, but when it comes to caring for skin, hair, and nails or maintaining them, only a few women manage to take proper care of them. We don’t know if it comes naturally or people just like to follow what they see, skincare and hair care are given much more importance than nails care. Your nails are one of the main keys to pretty hands, and when you fail to give your nails the much-needed care and attention; your hands eventually end up looking unattractive, which is not something any woman wants. While getting regular manicures definitely is important and beneficial for your nails, it’s not the only way to care for your nails. When it comes to making your nails stronger and shinier, you need to adopt certain nail care habits other than just relying on getting manicures. No matter if you always have your nails painted or keep biting them, by following these amazing nail care tips, you will be able to be on the top of your nail game.

Keep your nails moisturized

Moisturizing your nails is as important as moisturizing your skin. Moisturizing is one of the keys to stronger and shinier nails. Providing external moisture to the nails is extremely important in order to keep them healthy. Even when you fail to deliver hydration to your skin and scalp, they have the ability to produce oil naturally; unfortunately, your nails don’t possess this characteristic. And since your hands come in contact with water several times throughout the day, they end up getting dry and also make your nails lose nourishment. Therefore, you should moisturize your nails each time you wash your hands.

Maintaining good hygiene is important

Washing your hands frequently makes your nails pretty brittle, and when you fail to dry your hands properly, it results in split fingernails and also leads to infection because of trapped moisture. The easiest way to keep infections at bay or reduce the chances of split fingernails is by keeping your nails not too long. The longer your nails, the easier it becomes for dirt and bacteria to accumulate inside them. Therefore, you should maintain good hygiene practices to keep your nails strong and healthy.

Don’t pick your nail polish

One of the worst things you can do to your nails is picking the chipped nail polish. While it might seem completely harmless to pick your nail polish, in actuality, you are ruining the texture of your nails by removing a protective and healthy layer from them that leaves the nails drier. If your nail polish has started to chip off, instead of scraping off the rest of the nail polish, take a cotton pad soaked in remover and remove the color from your nails. This is the correct way to remove nail polish from your nails.

Apply a base and top coat to your nails

If you enjoy painting your nails or even do it occasionally, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to always apply a base and top coat to your nails. Most nail polishes contain chemicals and colors that on being exposed to your nails might damage them. However, you can definitely avoid it from happening by applying base and top coat to your nails each time you have to paint them. Additionally, this technique is a great way to make your nail paint more long-lasting. Before wearing any nail paint, make sure to apply a base coat to your nails, and once it has dried down, follow it with your favorite nail color. After ensuring that the nail polish has dried off, you can apply the top coat to your nails.

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