Chemicals that can be harmful for people with sensitive skin

Skin can be a tricky part to deal with especially if it’s a sensitive one. Not only this skin type requires a lot more attention and extra care but also the right products that can help to keep everything in balance and make your skin behave in the best way possible. Sensitive skin can be quite demanding and you should do everything to keep it happy and healthy, which we know isn’t always easy. However, things can be made much easier if you are well aware of the ingredients you are putting on your face. It’s crucial to be well knowledgeable of all the things that you apply on your face and all the ingredients should be chosen according to your skin type.
Sensitive skin can act out very easily and that is one of the reasons why people with sensitive skin refrain from applying not only makeup but even skincare products on their faces. While we understand the fear, but instead of blaming the products, you should keep an eye out on the ingredients, chemicals particularly, while you shop for beauty products.
We have jotted down a list of a few chemicals that are causing your skin to flare up and doing some major harm to it.


Of all the beauty products, sunscreen is arguably one of the most important products to have in your vanity all the time. It provides protection from harsh UV rays, which can be damaging to your skin. However, when it comes to sensitive skin, you should always steer clear of sunscreens containing oxybenzone as it can damage your skin and may also disturb hormonal balance. You should look for sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or titanium oxide as they not only block the harmful UV rays effectively but are also very gentle on the skin.


Parabens are one of those chemicals that are found in the majority of makeup and skincare products. These are used as preservatives in beauty products but they can be extremely damaging for people with sensitive skin. If you have been noticing your skin acting up the minute you apply any skincare or makeup product on your face, the chances are they might contain parabens, which strictly shouldn’t be in your vanity. Therefore, it’s time that you check out all your beauty products and get rid of all the products that contain parabens.


It is one of the most common ingredients found in many beauty products. And instead of doing any good to your skin, it can disrupt your skin’s natural oil balance, which not only makes your skin extremely dry but also leaves it irritated. You should switch your beauty products containing sulfate with sulfate-free products like cleansers as they won’t disturb your skin’s natural oil balance and will also produce the desired results without making your skin dry or irritated.


Your skin is called sensitive for a reason, it can easily act out by coming in contact with some of the most commonly used chemicals that other skin types may not find to be potentially harmful. And one such chemical is a dye, which is made using paraphenylenediamine (PPD) and this particular constituent can be potentially harmful to sensitive skin. The majority of clothes use dyes to enhance their appearance or improvise the color and wearing such clothes might leave your skin excessively irritated, which is why you should always wash your new purchases properly to get rid of all the dye and this little trick will make sure that your skin doesn’t act out in any way. PPD is also found in hair dyes; therefore, make sure to not let it come in contact with your skin to avoid irritation.

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