Fashion mistakes that need to end

Every season comes and goes. Like the season we need to learn that there are certain styles that have lost their touch. Besides, each passing day we learn something, so today we will learn about the lost trends and the fashions mistakes which were followed by us the previous year but we need to stop doing then now. So prepare yourself, ladies, for the secrets are being reviled that can make you cover up for the issues you have been noticing. So let’s begin with what needs to be done.


Summer is the season where we all just love to wear shorts. Why wouldn’t we love to style in them when is it so hot outside. Instead of covering our bodies, we need to expose it in the sun and protect us from the heat and the sweat. Wearing long clothes during the summer is simply something we haven’t been doing. So, why follow the road which isn’t meant for us. However, the fault lies in the shorts being too short. I mean the shorts have to be an inch below our hip area to make it fall under the category of shorts and not the panty that we regularly wear. Somehow these shorts look like they are an inch below the hip when you try them but as soon as you wear them and walk out. It goes up making our hip actually visible. Therefore, you need to wear shorts that are around three inches below your hip. Therefore, even when you move you will not be able to have the perfect length.

Shorts with Tanks

Wearing shorts you are already exposing a major part of your legs, and then if you plan to wear a tube top with it then all you are seeing as skin and not many clothes. We get your feeling ladies it is summer, it’s extremely hot. We need to wear something which can be seeing as a person with clothes on and not a girl who is heading to the pool. Wearing a tube with small shorts will only make your clothing look like you are at a beach. Plus, if you are over your teenager then your clothing has to be appropriate to your body. It is okay to expose skin but too much doesn’t make the impression we would want. Therefore, try wearing a tank or the lace camisoles which will be airy because of the net over the sleeves, and the neckline will make you feel less hot during summer.

White Jeans

Transparent white jeans have been a thing of summer misshapes for some time. We do have known that white jeans are the trend of summers but you cannot wear them if they have visible undergarments visible. I hope by now all of you know that nude or skin tone undergarment has to be worn underneath white pants. But if your denim is too light then the skin will also shine bright in it. The question arises on how to check whether the jeans will be visible or not. You can check it if the jeans pockets are standing out in the material then it is see-through jeans. By standing out we mean that you are able to see a dark white shade around the pockets.

Visible Bra

If you are into strapless or thin straps tops for summers. Then you need to check that your bra isn’t visible underneath the top of that the strap is falling out of the clothing. Some women do feel that is it the fashion that you are wearing a solid tank and your bra straps are visible from the sides. Well, you may or may not find it awkward but you need to wear the tube bra under it or wear just the nipple coverage and be done. It is simple you will feel light and it will not be showing off your bra straps.

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