Fun hairstyles every girl with short hair can rock on a vacay

Bygones are the time when long hair was a thing, today; you will find many girls embracing short hair like a pro. As more and more people have started to embrace short hair like a diva including many celebrities, they are changing their mindset that they had once concerning short hair. Short hair used to be often overlooked for its incapability to be formed into a cool and flirty hairstyle but that’s not the case anymore. With short hair being one of the hottest trends of the season, we saw many different takes on such hair type. From being cute and flirty to being a mixture of both, girls with short hair wouldn’t find it difficult anymore to find the chicest and bomb hairstyles for themselves while they are on their vacay. To give you some inspiration and ideas on how you can style your hair on your vacay, we have rounded up a list of some of the chicest and trendiest hairstyles that every girl with short hair can sport on their vacation. Regardless of whether it’s lob, bob or shoulder-length hair, these hairstyles will look equally bomb on each one of you.

Half bun

Super easy to make, very casual and being its chicest self, half bun hairstyle is probably the easiest you can choose to go with your hair. Not only it’s very easy to manage but it also fulfills all the needs and requirements that you have from your hair on vacation. And quite honestly, this half bun hairstyle looks more chic and bomb on girls with short hair which is a win-win. No matter if it’s a casual outing or fancy dining, you can rock this hairstyle on all the occasions.

Double braids

Braids have always been every girl’s savior regardless of whether it was during bad hair day or the reasons was to make yourself look more edgy and quirky. No matter your reason, styling your hair in double dutch braids or boxer braids is going to take your fashion game to a top-notch level. This is an ultimate hairstyle to sport on pool parties as you no longer will have to fuss about your hair getting tangled and messy. You can totally rock this hairstyle with a sexy bikini as well as a sarong, either way; it looks equal parts cute and quirky.

Wavy ponytail

Some days call for a nice and neat hairstyle where your hair can’t come in the way and doesn’t touch to your face. This is when a wavy ponytail comes to your rescue and quite honestly; this hairstyle looks every bit of chic and sassy. Also, how can you not create a wavy hairstyle when you are spending your vacation enjoying the beach waves? During the day time, you can keep your messy wavy hair the way it is and by the end of the day, you can wrap it up in a high ponytail which can be sported to any party or even dinner for that matter.

Wrap your hair with a scarf

If you’re in haste and have no idea of what hairstyle to create then a scarf headband can come to your easy rescue. To rock your gorgeous tresses like an ultimate diva, throw that favorite scarf headband of yours on your locks and you will be all set to rock the day in this summer-apt voguish hairstyle. If you don’t have a headband then you can simply put your silk scarf to use by wrapping it around your hair like a hairband. Just make sure that the scarf matches your outfit to keep things looking more cohesive.


Half ponytail is a more polished and neat version of a half bun hairstyle that looks equally chic and stylish. It is equal parts fun and flirty and not to forget, super easy to make. On days, when you don’t feel like putting extra efforts to create a hairstyle and want to make it look super easy-breezy, a half ponytail can be your safest bet. Wear it with your summery floral dress or a casual outfit to add extra oomph to your look. You can add a bright, patterned scrunchie to your pony for maximum impact.

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