5 Effective Korean Tips For Perfect Skin

Korean skin is well known worldwide and for all the amazing steps and rituals it has. Nowadays, not only in the country itself but their amazing skin and hair care regime is followed in different parts of the world and there are various fans of Korean skincare.
As per the Korean skincare practices, more is more that means their skincare regime includes various skincare products. From a face essence, a serum, ampoule to sleeping mask; they do very bit to protect their skin.
If you’re looking for some super effective Korean skincare tips you have clicked onto the right feed. Here, we have compiled 5 amazing tips that work really well.

Invest In Facial Essence

Facial essence is a staple ritual in the Korean skincare regime. So, what does a facial essence do? Facial essence is a lightweight liquid that hydrates your skin and prepares your skin to absorb other products really well. If you use active ingredients in your skincare, the essence helps in delivering the active ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin.
Thus, you should invest in a facial essence. You have to apply it before applying moisturizer, right after applying a toner.

Use An Overnight Sleeping Mask

Koreans strongly believe that it’s important to guard your skin during the night and thus they prefer using an overnight sleeping mask. It is the night when the skin repairs and a layer of the sleeping mask will wake you up with lively, glowing, and plumped up skin.
Even during sleep the skin cells turnover and work so it’s the best time to apply a thick layer of mask. Apply an intense sleeping mask and provide your skin the hydration it needs.
Make sure you’re using a non-comedogenic sleeping mask that is light in texture and apply it as the final step of your nighttime skincare routine.

Ampoule Is What You Need

For all your skin issues such as blackheads, dullness, acne, or acne marks there is one solution and i.e. is ampoule. It is like a face serum on steroids, made up with a high concentration of active ingredients it repairs and rebalances your skin in the shortest possible time. This one is the most effective skincare step in the Korean skincare regime and even targets hyperpigmentation, dullness, and acne.
A few drops of this product can turn out to be a game-changer and will add a huge difference in how your skin looks.

10-Second Rule

It’s very important how you apply your skincare products. You use different products in your skincare regime such as a toner, a serum, a face essence, and so on and it’s very important to know the duration between all the products.
Between the applications of two products, there should be a gap of about 10 seconds. If you apply products to quickly you don’t give time to each product to fully sink into the skin and if you apply too late you dehydrate the skin. So, the gap should be of about 10-seconds and not more than that.

Include Face Massage

Face massages are very prevalent in Korean skincare regimes and for all the wonders a face massage does. Face massage boost the blood circulation, stimulates collagen production thus giving a youthful appearance. Not only that if you use the right tools such as a jade roller or Gua Sha you can even treat eye bags, dark circles, acne, saggy skin, and the signs of aging such as wrinkles and blackheads.
Face massage is very beneficial in sculpting your face and it’s like a natural Botox. So, if you’re suffering from a chubby face you should follow a facial massage.

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