Common moisturizing myths you need to stop believing now

Using a product without having proper knowledge about it can prove to be dangerous, especially when it comes to your skin. One wrong product and you can end up putting your skin at risk, which can result in several skin woes such as acne, irritation, redness, and, much more. And honestly, nobody wants to deal with such issues. It’s imperative to have the right information about every beauty product that you use and not surround yourself with baseless facts or myths that might add to your problem. And when it comes to your moisturizer, you might have heard so many myths related to this product till now, and that might have lead you to believe those things, which is a cause of worry, as a moisturizer is one of the most important skincare products, and it is a great deal for the overall health of your skin. However, it’s high time that you stop believing these myths and get that wrong information out of your brain and instead feed it with the right information.
Listed below are a few moisturizing myths that are anything but true, and you need to stop believing them right now.

Oily skin doesn’t need to be moisturized

This is one of the greatest beauty myths of all time, and there’s not even the slightest truth to it. Much like any other skin type, oily skin also has several needs, and while it does produce an excessive amount of oil, it simply doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be moisturized. Contrary to the popular belief, using a moisturizing for oily skin is as important as using it for dry and flaky skin. In fact, applying the right moisturizer also helps to reduce the excess production of oil whilst keeping your skin hydrated. The only difference that lies here is that people with oily skin should use water or gel-based moisturizer, deprived of oil.

Every moisturizer is the same and can be used for all seasons

This is yet another greatest myth of all time. Except for a few moisturizers that can be used for all seasons, the most moisturizers differ from each other in their formulas, ingredients that are targeted to different skin types and skin issues. Our skin’s demand keeps changing with the changing seasons; therefore, using the same moisturizer for every season is not the ideal thing to do. For instance, a moisturizer infused with aloe vera extracts is considered suitable for dry skin and winter season, whereas, a lightweight moisturizer with SPF is an ideal choice for summers.

The moisturizer is only supposed to be applied after washing your face

While it’s true to some extent, that’s not the whole truth. You should always apply moisturizer on your face every time after washing it to help retain the moisture in your skin, however, these are not the only times when you need a moisturizer. If you have extremely dry skin, and it keeps feeling flaky or rough every few hours throughout the day, you should apply your trusty moisturizer to provide a boost of hydration and nourishment to your skin.

You can use your body lotion as a face cream

Applying your body lotion on your face is one of the biggest beauty sins to commit. The skin on your face and the skin on your body are completely different from each other. They both have different needs and requirements, hence, there are two different products formulated for each one that caters to their needs perfectly. Body lotions are a lot thicker in consistency, and they also contain various fragrances, which can leave your skin irritated, therefore, don’t be silly and always use a moisturizer on your face and not one of your body lotions.

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