How to apply eye cream the right way?

Your skincare routine is something that you cannot risk going wrong with. And while many girls have started to pay more attention to their skin and understand the importance of each product, especially moisturizers, there’s more to the beauty products and beauty routine than just the hot topics surrounding it. Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized at all times is extremely important, but in the process of taking care of your face, you often forget to pay extra attention to the skin around your eyes, which is extremely delicate and sensitive. Merely applying the moisturizer around the eyes won’t do the trick, it needs extra hydration and that is when an eye cream comes into the picture.
Lack of hydration, improper sleep schedule and other bad habits can result in the skin around your eyes feeling dry, puffy, and not to mention, under-eye dark circles. Take it as a reminder that the skin around your eyes is in a serious need of some pampering and care. And there’s no better way to treat the issues than using an eye cream. However, in order to make this eye cream work for you, it’s important to use it the right way. And to help you with that, we have created a step-by-step guide for you that will help you achieve effective and long-lasting results.

Use makeup remover or micellar water to get rid of makeup and dirt

Before applying eye cream, always make sure to clean your face including your eyes using makeup remover or micellar water. This will help to get rid of makeup residue, dirt, or oil from the face, which might have prevented the better penetration of eye cream into your skin.

Apply a tiny amount of eye cream around your eyes

You should always pick an eye cream that addresses your issues, just randomly picking any one of them might not help you solve your problems; therefore, make sure that you are picking the right product. Take a tiny amount of eye cream on your fingertip and apply it under your eyes very gently (don’t rub it vigorously). Most eye creams contain potent ingredients; therefore, a tiny amount of the product would suffice.
Also, there’s a correct way of applying eye cream, you cannot simply massage it around your eyes in a regular way. Take your eye cream and start dotting it under your eyes, starting from the inner corner to the highest point of your brow, i.e., Brown bone. Instead of rubbing the product, pat it around your eyes using your finger. Do it till the time it is completely absorbed by the skin. Also, make sure that you are not tugging or stretching your skin and not putting any pressure while applying the cream.

Avoid applying the cream on your upper and lower lashline

While you apply the cream, make sure that you keep a distance from your lower and upper lashline. You should avoid applying the cream close to your lashlines, especially if you have sensitive skin. This might cause some irritation to your eyes; therefore, it’s best to keep a distance while applying the product.

Don’t be in a hurry to apply the rest of skincare products

After you’re done applying the cream, make sure to give your skin some time to completely absorb it. Rushing into applying the rest of your skincare products won’t let your skin absorb the goodness of the eye cream and that was the whole purpose of applying this eye cream. Therefore, wait for a minute or two to let your skin absorb the product, and then you can continue to apply the rest of the skincare products.

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