The Pretty Hair Accessory: Headbands

Headbands are the first hair accessory that every girl applies in their hair during childhood thus; we find this accessory to be astonishing. Whatever may be the type of your hair, the length, the texture or the color, these headbands look appropriate with every look. They are simply and something ordinary but adds-on some great volume to the hair. If you like to keep your hair open then, you should probably keep a collection of these with you. These look really awesome with open hair but gave an amazing look with the tied hair. With the tied hair it gives an impression of a crown.
Tying hair with scrunches and pretty cute clips is something running in fashion for long, it’s time to change it and what is better than these headbands. Let’s talk about these in detail.

Fluffy Headbands

These are the bands that could be used to add an artificial puff to hairs. Earlier when high puffs were in trend these headbands were covered beneath the hair that made our hair look voluminous. As of the recent development, these headbands come with a good amount of puffy layer to add on top of hair as an accessory. These headbands come in various colors in a synthetic fabric. This is a classy college lecture look when you have washed your hair or you are in a hurry to reach college and really got no time to make anything out of your hair. This look will surely be of help.

Pricy Pearls Headband

Pricy pearl headband doesn’t mean that it will cost you a fortune to get this. It for sure looks like that as the big white pearls is a classic look. You can try on special days while you are going to a weekday party after office that leads to a situation where you haven’t got time for a perfect hairdo and you need to do something which will highlight your hair for the party. This elegant pearl headband is something that will enhance your look of the day. It pairs up perfectly with any dress you want. Slide this on your hair and avoid adding and heavy jewelry to your ears of the neck. Leave it plain, your open hair will not let the focus go anywhere.

Head Scarf’s

Scarf’s are not really headband but could be used like one. You can see this look trending in your feeds, where women are adding these scarves as a headband and at the similar time using it as a scrunch to hold the hair together in ponytail form. The scarves come in so many types of fabric and they have such cute small designs on them. The materials used to create scarves are cotton, silk, viscose, etc. The tradition of wearing scarves have derived in various cultures. They wear scarves due to weather conditions or some religious importance, with the development of time it has to turn out to be more of a fashion statement to people. You can wear a scarf with a bow on the top or just tie a knot.

Crochet handmade bands

The handmade crochet is a woolen knitting art, which is running as a family tradition for generations. Using this design in the form of the headband is something new, inspired by the old art. These crochets can be woven in many forms from a plain rectangular band to small diamonds knitted together. You can create some small hair clips with the help of this. These crochets come in various designs and you need to tie them at the end similar to scarves. One thing to consider before you purchase these headbands is the size of these. They can seem to be big but would fit perfectly on a little girl’s head.

Sparkly headband

The headbands made with the help of sparkling shiny beads and glossy fabric. The headbands consist of fur and flowers stick along the fabric. The fur, flowers, and beads add a crown-like look to the head. Thus you need not accessories your ears or neck because the headband will take away all the attention and adding more accessories to the upper body will make you look like a decorative piece, not a classy person. You can add rings to your figure along will a simple dress. If your dress contains a lot of patterns, it’s better to leave accessory.

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