5 Reasons You Should Add Toner To Your Skincare Regime

Toners are an essential part of our skincare routine. A toner infused skincare routine can make a huge impact on the health of your skin. It’s good for every skin type however we especially recommend this step to all those with dry skin or oily skin types.
Not only a toner helps you achieve a squeaky clean skin but there are more benefits of using a toner and in the feed, we’ll be discussing the major benefits of using a toner so that you’re fully convinced why you need a toner or why you’re using it?

Thoroughly Cleanses Your Skin

Only the ones suffering from oily skin will know how important thorough cleansing is? But that doesn’t mean thoroughly cleansed skin is not important for other skin types. Dirty and unclean skin is a hot-bed for a lot of skin issues and thus it’s really important to ensure the skin is thoroughly cleansed.
Even if you clean your skin with a nice cleanser that doesn’t mean your skin is super clean. And, here is why toners become really important. Once you clean your face the next step is always toning and that too because the toner ensures your skin is clean for the further steps.

It Balances The pH Level

Maintaining the right pH balance is really important for the skin. The pH balance for healthy skin should be around 5.5 and if the pH balance drops down your skin becomes an easy ground for harmful bacteria.
However, if you’re regularly using a toner you ensure the pH balance remains around 5.5. A toner helps to calm the skin and thus keeps the skin hydrated and radiant.
But there are various alcohol-based toners available in the market and alcohol-based toners are not good for your skin. Thus make sure you use an alcohol-free toner.

Hydrates The Skin

If you’re using a hydrating toner and that’s what a dry skin type is supposed to use, toner also works in hydrating your skin with other things it does. Many times a toner is considered to a step for oily skin type simply because it can dry out the dry skin but if you’re using a hydrating toner not only toner helps to remove the last bit of the residue from your skin but also hydrates your skin without drying it out.
Condition is that you are using a hydrating toner.

Minimizes The Appearance Of Pores

Toners are known to shrink the size of pores and make them less visible.
Toners help to remove even the last traces of dirt, makeup, and oil leaving your skin squeaky clean. And, when there is nothing to get clogged in the pores the size of the pores shrink automatically.
The size of pores expands and becomes prominent only when the oil and dirt get clogged in it and when there is nothing to get trapped in the pores they will not become prominent.
So, if you’re dealing with large open pores, toner is not to be missed in your skincare regime.

Toners Refresh Your Skin

Imagine the irritated and inflamed skin and just when you spray toner onto your face, and you can feel a nice cooling sensation, this is what a toner does. It refreshes your skin and thus holds a place even in your nighttime skincare routine. So, that you can calm down your skin and refresh it.

So, these were some of the benefits of using a toner. And, we’re sure you’re now fully aware of why you need a toner? We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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