Know everything about different types of face powders

Much like the fashion world, makeup also has no limit to it. So many products, so many brands, and so many types make it almost difficult for us to choose the right product for ourselves. From different foundations to different powders, finding the difference between the formulation, texture, and purpose while buying the product makes it a little difficult to choose. And before we dive deep into the discussion, let’s come to the point. Amongst a plethora of things available in any girls’ bag is this one makeup essential that no girl can really do without. We are talking about the face powders that are such a quick fix product, which can quickly set your makeup and make you appear fresh like daisy and also helps in absorbing excess oil.

There are not just one or two types of face powders available in the market, but there are 4 different types of face powders, each serving a different purpose. Therefore, it’s very natural for anyone to get confused between all the types. And to help you with that only, we have made a list of 4 different face powders that are used for different purposes and to help you achieve your desired look.

Setting powder

All the makeup junkies might probably be very well aware of this type of powder. As the name suggests, a setting powder is used to set the base mainly the concealer and the foundation after you are done applying them on your face. It helps to even out your skin tone, gives you a matte finish, blurs fine line and pores. It comes in both translucent and tinted versions that you can buy according to your preference. People with oily skin who prefer to use liquid foundation use this powder to achieve a flawless look.

Finishing powder

Unlike setting powder, finishing powder is more often than not translucent. You can easily find this powder in a number of shades to match your skin tone. And talking about its consistency, it’s finer and softer as compared to the setting powder. We can’t really suggest to you what powder will be the best for you, out of the two but you certainly can try both and then decide for yourself.

Pressed powder

This type of powder is used on top of liquid foundation to achieve an even finish and it usually comes in a compact form. This powder is perfect for quick touch-ups during the day to make your face appear fresh and oil-free but don’t expect high coverage from it as you would only be left disappointed. Even if you are picking too much of the product or using it for the coverage, it will only end up looking cakey. This can be attributed to the ingredients present in the pressed powder which turns the foundation into a semi-solid form.

Loose powder

This type of powder might be a little tricky to carry around due to its fine consistency but it surely serves a great purpose. This lightweight loose powder is an ideal option to be worn over the foundation as it helps to even it out and makes your face appear flawless. You can also make use of it to correct your makeup mistake. To make sure that you don’t end up using too much product on your face, dust it very lightly using a soft powder brush all over your face.

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