5 Fashion trends to say goodbye to in 2020

We girls love knowing about all the current fashion trends in order to stay high on fashion as well as to stay updated with all the ongoing changes in the fashion world. However, much like any food staple, fashion trends also come with an expiration date, which we may tell you has no fixed and decided date, they can just go out of trend any time of the day and year. While some trends manage to grab a spot for themselves and reign the fashion world for months and years, there are some who certainly make a huge impact but are only in the limelight for just a few months. This uncertainty of when a particular trend will die is a little unpredictable but definitely not difficult to figure out.

Every trend has a day, and it eventually has to die just to go come back another year in a more versioned and modified way. However, speaking of this year, there were many trends that made the mark but now have started to cool off as the New Year is approaching. We have broken down a list of a few fashion trends that once were reigning the fashion world, but it’s time to retire them in 2020.

Dad/Chunky sneakers

There was a time when the whole world was going gaga over these beauties, but sadly it’s time to retire these shoes. Despite being loved by masses in a huge amount, the craze for these shoes has finally started to cool off. And in its replacement, retro shoes are the one making its way to the list that is going to take over these chunky sneakers. Some classic styles like converse that offers both longevity and stylish look will be quite big in 2020 as they are already becoming extremely popular amongst the masses.

PVC bags

We saw a lot of PVC making its way in the form of bags, hats, shoes, and what not. But sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to PVC bags; there are a few of the pieces that manage to grab a spot for themselves and remain in fashion for years and years. But that’s not the case with these see-through PVC bags no matter how fun they look. For all those who are now looking for a great replacement can safely rely on leather and croc-effect bags as they will undoubtedly be in style for years from now. This can be owed to their sleek and timeless look, which will sustain you for years.

Multiple dainty jewelry pieces

Bygone are the times when you used to wear multiple dainty jewelry pieces all at once. It was once one of the hottest trends of the season but sadly couldn’t hold the test of time for long enough and now is already being fading out of trend. Whether in the form of layering dainty necklaces or stacking rings on top of each other, it’s time to bid adieu to this trend and try something refreshing instead. A great alternative to this trend is wearing a single statement jewelry piece. Chunky industrial chain and sculptural earrings will prove to be a great choice for you to try this year.

Leopard print skirt

This will probably be the hardest goodbye as animal print being one of the most loved trends of the season coming in the form of a skirt can never really go wrong. But like we said, every staple comes with an expiration date, and sadly, it’s animal print skirt we will be saying goodbye to. Almost every other girl must have owned one of such pieces in their wardrobe, but you need not fret as there’s something else that will make up for this beauty, and that is a voluminous dress. You may see a lot of these limp dresses making its round in the fashion world. The bigger the dress, the better it will be.

Sock boots

Even though we haven’t seen much of these ankle clinging boots this year, we are not expecting it to be seen in the upcoming year as well. They surely tried to make their mark but somehow failed to sustain in this ever-growing and ever-changing fashion world. For all the boot lovers, just in case, you owned one of these, it’s time to retire them and instead, hop on to the train for knee-high boot trends which we may tell you is one of the most popular trends of the season and we will be seeing a lot of them this and the next year for sure. Whether finished in animal print or plain, heeled or flat, these boots are one great way to make an impact with your choice.

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