5 Reasons To Opt For Sustainable Fashion

How many of you know that the fashion choices you make can draw a huge impact on the environment? With producers moving towards fast fashion the use of cheap fabrics lead to great damage to the environment. The fashion industry is considered to be the second dirtiest industry in terms of creating pollution and that too by wasting a significant amount of resources. Whilst all this making a conscious decision by you- the consumers will make a vast difference in meeting the need of the hour and i.e. sustainable fashion.
If you’re wondering what sustainable fashion is, we have defined it for you. Sustainable fashion is an approach towards eco-friendly fashion, shifting towards the fashion that doesn’t harm the society and nature utmost. Consumer’s shift in demand towards more and more cheap clothes has put pressure on the resources forsaking quality over quantity. It’s time you change your preferences towards slow fashion that will compel the producers to change the dynamics of their production. Even recycling your old clothes (by doing some DIYs on them) that you probably throw can lead to sustainable fashion. So, next time you think your piece of old cloth a trash, think twice!
So, here we’ve gathered 5 reasons you should opt for sustainable fashion.

Saves Wastage

If you buy from the brands that support sustainable fashion you invest in making a green environment. The brands use the fabrics that even though you wear out can be recycled. In that way, there is no pressure on the resources and therefore leads to no wastage or a significant reduction in wastage.
Though you might end up purchasing less as the environmentally sound fabrics cost more but your move is impacting towards green environment and minimum wastage.

Quality over Quantity

No doubt fast fashion makes you buy more and helps in building your wardrobe that solves your problem of nothing to wear but probably fast fashion is only about quantity and neglecting quality. And that’s maybe the reason you feel the pieces wear out in less time, which sounds totally fine as you might think how many times you can wear one single piece? But investing in quality pieces you’re not only buying something that will last for a long time but is a great switch towards sustainable fashion.
So, slow fashion helps you to stash your collection with quality pieces and not quantity that turns obsolete in no time flat.

Fair Towards The Employees

Do you know that the pieces the employees stitch for big brands don’t get the value they deserve? With fast fashion work-load and unequal wages go hand in hand. So, your choice of sustainable fashion is not only great towards the environment but also leads to making you socially responsible. When you choose the slow fashion you simply support equal wages and better working conditions for the people who create for you. Never knew fashion move can make such an immense difference both environmentally and socially.

Saves Money

When you think of moving towards sustainable fashion not only you’re benefiting the environment and society as a whole but also benefits you. When you invest in quality pieces you don’t waste your money on vague fashion trends thus you end up saving some huge bucks. You cast your money in making a society you’re living and future generations have to live.

Support Cruelty-Free

You must be tempted to use leather bags but when you move towards sustainable fashion you save animals. You support cruelty-free production.

So, these were the reasons you should support slow fashion. We hope the feed would turn out to be a great help.

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