Pieces that you should toss from your closet forever

If your closet is overflowing with clothes, then it is time to clear the mess and toss away some irrelevant pieces from your wardrobe. This is imperative because they are simply gathering dust in the closet and doing no better for your collection. So, look for these points that will help you in throwing away all those pieces that are not required in your closet anymore.

Shoes that hurt your feet

We all have more than one pair of shoes that hurt our feet and make them feel like the end of the world. This happens either because of cold feet or because we bought a size smaller or maybe because of the hard fabric of the shoes. But despite the fact that they hurt our feet, we never toss them from our wardrobe thinking that one day, we might wear them. But we all know that this particular day is never going to come. So, it is better to throw them away from our closet shelf and make space for new ones. There are so many sandals, heels, and boots that look super gorgeous but they don’t fit nearly as well as you envisioned them. So, if they don’t fit well, you’re not going to wear them very often. They will simply be gathering dust on your shelf so it is better to throw them away right away.

Undies you have had for more than a year

Clearly, lingerie had to be on the list. The reason why we haven’t added bras and innerwear in this category is that they can still survive longer than a year but undies should not. We won’t even say that they can because they shouldn’t. Even if you feel that they are in a reasonable condition, you should simply toss them away and make space for new pairs. The reason is simple- hygiene. If any of your underwear shows any signs of wear and tear, then you should definitely ditch it. If they are in a good wearable condition, then you might consider keeping them a little longer but at no cost should you keep them for more than a year. You should switch out your underwear after a year at most to keep your closet and body parts safe and fresh.

Accessories that are an odd one out

We stock up so many accessories in our wardrobe in order to match some outfits and look stylish. But many of these accessories are so unique or odd, maybe, that they don’t go with anything no matter how hard you try. This happens maybe because of the fact that they are outdated or the color tone is odd or maybe they are just not in the right place and the right event. But you still stock these accessories thinking that maybe you will wear them one day but that day is not going to come, even you know that. So, if you are constantly looking for an opportunity to wear that vintage accessory but are unable to, then it might not happen. You might have tried every possible thing but it didn’t happen. So, it is advised to let go of it and make space for new fancy accessories instead of stocking up useless ones.

Outdated Graphic Tees

With upcoming trends every now and then, so many types of designs are curated in t-shirts and tops. They might be trendy at the moment because of the design and maybe the graphic logo¬†gained popularity. But that doesn’t mean they are going to last on your shelf. Some movie theme or cartoon character that was trendy some years back and you bought a t-shirt with its logo on top might not be the best choice in the present scenario. It would simply look funny and unappealing. Instead of insisting that your punny graphic tees are still in, you should understand that such trends come and go with time. It is better to donate them or throw them away and pick neutral patterns and new trendy pieces in their place.

Anything that faded in the wash

Another thing that you must toss away from your wardrobe is a piece of clothing that lost is charm and color after a wash. This might happen after consistent washes too but since you love it so much, you might not want to let go of that piece. But it is important to understand that such pieces do not look appealing and can simply downgrade your entire look. It is almost heartbreaking to see such a loved piece lose its charm but for your style quotient, it is important to toss it away. It is nothing than a mere rugged piece of clothing.

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