Stunning blazers every woman must own

Blazers are a staple winter outfit and are supposed to be worn to protect ourselves from the cold days. A stereotype blazer is a typical thick fabric with front button locks. But today with so many divided horizons in fashion, they have made their way through designing and unique elements. Thus, creating interesting silhouettes for every occasion. Pick some of the most stunning pieces in blazers that are not only fall-worthy but are also worth the style you want to showcase. Curate interesting outfits and make your way through the fall season.

A leather blazer

One of the most gorgeous picks in the fall season is this leather blazer. The reasons are two-fold; firstly, this leather fabric is highly attractive and is loved by all and secondly, it protects us from the biting cold. If you are looking for something that will add style to your outfit even when you are covered with layers, then this is the perfect fall edit for you. Pick a leather blazer in any color you like and you are set to conquer every place you go to. With everything so stylish, there is not much effort required to style this one. The best thing about a leather blazer is that they are timeless pieces and highly versatile. They go with everything and never fail to impress. Pair them up with denim and sneakers for a casual look or with trousers and pumps for a formal look. This classic piece is your go-to outfit!

A waterfall blazer

Another unique one on the list! You must have heard about the waterfall shrug and this one is similar to that one. The difference lies in the fabric as a waterfall blazer has a thick fabric to protect us from the biting cold in the fall season. This waterfall shrug has been tailored in a very unique design as the ends fall loosely and the hem is in an asymmetric order. Because of this design, it looks very feminine and charming. If you are going for a cocktail evening or for your daily lunch scenes, this one will work its charm everywhere. The length of this one might vary according to what you consider best for yourself. Pick anything that you like and pair it up with your skinny jeans and knee-high boots for a great look.

A peplum Blazer

A peplum blazer has found its inspiration from the famous peplum top. The charm and style element of a peplum top is very different because it makes you look all dressed up like a doll. This is one of the prettiest picks ever and if you wear this one, you are sure to steal the show. This peplum blazer can be paired with anything from your jeans to formal trousers. There is something about this peplum design that makes it worthy of every formal occasion. A peplum blazer has a lot of pretty vibe to it and accentuates your curves. It makes you look all curvy and also flaunts the figure in the best possible way. Every women-whether petite or bulky; can wear this one. Pick this one for the perfect elegant look!

A color block blazer

Color block is one of the most dramatic and vibrant styles ever. It adds a fun and playful factor to your look and makes you the center of attention everywhere. There are a lot of options when it comes to color block blazers because they have been designed in a lot of different colors. Different combinations have been tailored and brought together to make one color block blazer. You can make this one your staple pick for every occasion because color has never harmed anyone. Color adds vibrancy to the look and that is why you must choose this one right away. Pair this one with a monochrome outfit because that will bring out the vibrant tone of this one in the best possible way.

A cape blazer

As the name suggests, a cape blazer has been designed in a very unique way. With its arms falling loosely on each side like a cape, it looks super gorgeous. The arms are not stitched together so you just have to place it on your shoulders as if you are draping it. This elegant blazer gives the impression that you are not actually wearing it. You have simply placed it on your shoulders and your arms also have clear visibility. This must be worn for your social gatherings and formal occasions. Make sure you wear trousers with this outfit and also pair stilettos with the attire in order to create a sophisticated silhouette.

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