Quirky Sunglasses that are definitely worth the steal!

No matter what season it is, as long as you are going out, you must carry your sunnies along. Sunglasses have been a part of our wardrobe since forever as they enhance the overall look every time we go out. You must pick quirky styles in sunglasses and let go fo the mainstream ones. They will not only make you feel confident but will also flaunt the perfect style statement!

Embellished Sunglasses

With so many extended horizons even in sunglasses, this one is a definite pick. If you are someone who loves to accessorize your clothing with minute details, then you would love this pair of glasses. These are curated with minute details and embellishments like pearls, stones, beads in silver, gold as well as bronze. These embellishments highlight the look of your sunglasses even from a distance and thus, makes you the center of attention. Flaunting unique styles is the need of the era and that is why these embellished sunglasses make the perfect ensemble for your outfits. Embellished sunglasses are a great way to make a style statement without even trying. They look very feminine if you pick them in floral detail. Go for this one in fancy colors like pastels and nudes for the perfect look.

White Frame Sunglasses

Out of all the sunglasses ever curated, this one is the most unique one. The thing is that in the bygone days, whenever you thought about sunglasses, you either thought of broad black frames or sleek frames like Ray-ban. These were both mainstream and were everyone’s favorite picks. But with evolution, there has been no stone left unturned in fashion. Even in sunglasses, there has been an improvisation towards the wildest of designs. You will see these white-frame sunglasses on the street and this is literally the most gorgeous design ever. It has all the desired oomph and chic style that one looks for. Pair this one with all your chic outfits and floral dresses. This is also a great ensemble for your beach outfits. Since this trend reminds us of summer, it will not be a regret for sure.

Mirrored Sunglasses

Another exquisite piece in sunglasses! Mirrored sunglasses are a thing in the present era and have literally created a rage in the fashion line. Everyone from celebrities to the mango people on the streets has been flaunting this style because it has literally created a rage in fashion. If you are also fond of such unique pieces, then you must go for it. And it is not even about experimentation anymore. It is like a tried and tested trend that has grabbed our hearts like nothing. Pick superb outfits in the fanciest colors and accessories these mirror sunglasses along. The best thing about these mirror sunglasses is that eyes have no visibility at all. Thus, sun rays cannot reach them and they remain protected during the day. Thus, functionality and style go parallel if you choose this pair of mirrored sunglasses. These statement lenses are a rock on!

Oversized Sunglasses

When you are picking everything else in oversized style, then why not this one? Oversized sunglasses have the same appeal as an oversized sweater and this is literally the most believable thing ever. Anything oversized has a lot of appeal to it because it makes you look slimmer and petite. Just like clothes do that to your body, these oversized sunglasses do to your face. If you have a broad face, you must pick an oversized pair of sunglasses and they will make your broad face look slimmer. They are super functional as they cover most of the face. Such broad face shapes can easily flaunt this one while small face shapes are not a great choice for this pair of sunglasses. These can be picked in any color but black is the ultimate choice to create an elegant ensemble overall.

Bright and Bold Sunglasses

Talking about bright and bold sunglasses, anything that is far away from the mainstream and is totally worth the experiment will be categorized in this. Bright sunglasses mean anything that has a lot of vibrancy. Any color that can be easily spotted from a distance like neons, pinks, shades of gree and all the possible tones of yellow, etc. are a great pick for sunglasses. Bold here means the print and patterns that are eye-catching. If you find a combination of both bright and bold sunglasses, then you are super lucky. Pick them and flaunt them effortlessly! With your minimal outfits, you must pick this pair and get all set to conquer the world.

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