5 Work outfits that will make this winter more stylish

Every girl, at some point in time, deals with a situation where they just get clueless about how to make certain outfits work for them, especially those winter pieces. You are not alone when it comes to losing the sense of style; a lot of us girls are sailing on the same boat. No matter how good of a start you take for winters, after some point of time, our sense of style starts going down the lane. Blame it on either running out of ideas or wearing the same clothes in the most usual and basic ways, it’s us who are to be blamed for creating such a mundane look when you can easily make the best use out of your winter clothes. Your dreams of wearing the most stylish outfit to your office are still very much achievable; it’s just you are in need of some fun and refreshing ideas that can help you put your winter outfit together in the most amazing way. We have rounded up a list of 5 different outfits that will keep you looking all stylish and warm throughout the winters.

A combination of skirt set and ankle boots

Suit sets are always a great outfit to work in your office. However, it may start to look a little too boring if overly done. An easy alternative to this outfit is a skirt set, which looks absolutely stylish and gorgeous, especially when you are dealing with a matching set. It literally holds the ability to make anyone appear more polished and defined in a go. To further elevate the look, you can team it up with ankle boots, which will perfectly complement the current look. Skirts ending a few inches above your ankles will look incredibly chic and stylish when paired with neutral-colored heeled ankle boots.

Belted coat with black boots

While coats always look stylish and chic enough on their own, however, adding a belt over the coat will do more good to your outfit than you have imagined. It will instantly add a very interesting flair to the look and will also help in giving you a structured and flattering silhouette. Whether carrying it with a dress or jeans, don’t forget to throw on a pair of black boots to complete the outfit of the day. Believe us; you won’t regret wearing this choice of outfit.

Faux fur coat with a monochrome look

This outfit is more on a casual side, making it perfect to be worn on casual Friday. Faux fur material is undoubtedly a very elegant and luxe choice of fabric that can make you look stylish in no time. Follow the neutral color palette to make the most out of this look. You can start by going really basic with a monochromatic outfit like all white, all black kinda things, and then you can throw over a faux fur coat of quite a similar shade to follow the league. It will help in creating a polished fit look.

Blazer with jeans and ankle boots

If your workplace allows you to wear something casual, then this can be your go-to outfit for a relaxed office hour. A pair of denim jeans and blazer looks every bit of chic and stylish, keeping you all warm and covered at the same time. You can go with any kind of jeans, flared denim will look as amazing as straight leg pair of jeans, just be careful of what shoes you are carrying as to make this look work perfectly for you, you will need to choose the right shoes, and that is ankle boots.

Blazer with turtleneck and trousers

Another great way of experimenting with a blazer look is by wearing it with a turtleneck. It is a fun, and refreshing take on those well fitted and regular looking suit sets. And mind you, this attire looks every bit of chic and professional, so you can experiment with different patterned blazers like checked ones as it exhibits very elegant and sophisticated vibes. Team it up with a chic trouser that perfectly complements the blazer.

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