Fashion Disasters to avoid every time you go out

How we all long to be fashion icons and make diligent efforts for the same but sometimes end up doing injustice to the look! This happens a lot of times when someone tries to pull off the fanciest look but fails to pay attention to details. It is very important to understand that no matter what you do, you should never ever step out of the house without looking at yourself in the mirror-front and back. No matter how much you want it, you cannot flaunt each and every trend out there. Probably because of your body type or the way you carry your outfit. Some things are just not meant for you and if they do, you make them a fashion disaster with your irresponsible dressing.

This irresponsible dressing is a big turn off and thus, makes you a fashion disaster. This faux pas must be paid attention to. Have a look and make sure you do not make these mistakes in the future-

Visible bra straps

This is the most common out of all. Women tend to dress so carelessly that their bra straps are peeping out from their blouse and tops. This is the most common thing ever and is definitely a big turn-off. Why in the world would someone want to see those straps and why would you want them to be visible in the first place? The thing is that some tops might actually look uber chic with these straps showing but some tops are so elegant that this makes them a complete fashion disaster. This looks atrocious sometimes and you just feel like telling the person to get them back inside. This is definitely a big fashion faux pas and thus, must be paid attention to, before stepping out of the house.

Bodycon on an irregular figure

Bodycon dresses, tops, jumpsuits, and every other apparel look super sexy because of their fine fitting and style. They are one of the most gorgeous styles in women’s apparel and that is why we love them. But as much as we love them, they can ruin the complete look in no time. They are not a treat to the eyes and are a big turn-off if not worn appropriately. Bodycon dresses can look super-sexy but only if one has the figure to wear them. They are super fitted and cling to the body, so you need to be perfect in your figure to wear them. No matter how much we say one can wear anything she likes, it is important to pay attention to these details. If you are on the healthier side, you should not pick bodycon because they will simply highlight what you’re trying to hide.

Extra short shorts

As the name suggests, it is already clear that these short shorts are actually a fashion disaster and make for the most atrocious outfit ever. It is okay to believe that shorts are meant to be short but extra short? Well, we don’t think so. These shorts do nothing but make you look indecent and is that is why you want, it is not the best thing to be. One should always balance their clothing and make sure that it looks pretty, stunning and even sexy but not vulgar. It is okay to show off your legs and skin every once in a while but it should not look unappealing. Your bums should not peep out from your shorts because this will be a big no-no. Pay attention to this whenever you wear shorts.

Overflow of accessories

Accessorizing every outfit is a great thing to do but only in a limit. In accessorizing, lies the essence of your clothing and that is why this is a must-have for all your outfits. But overdoing them is just not acceptable. You don’t have to worry about the fact that you have worn only one sleek necklace because it looks elegant. But you sure have to worry about the fact that you have overdone it. If you’re wearing an embellished outfit, you don’t have to go crazy pairing it with layers of jewelry. If you have picked a statement necklace for yourself, then don’t pick danglers along. Always remember the fact that less is more and it looks sophisticated.

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