Fall essentials checklist for 2019

With fall season approaching, it’s time to stock our wardrobes with all the essentials that will come handy during this season. It is that time of the year where you will be yet again introduced to cold night and days. But you can’t deny the fact that the season comes with lots of goodies like all those cute and comfy clothes. With all the staples you already have in your closet. Make sure you also have these items which we’ve listed below to make a statement this fall.


No matter what style goes in and goes out, a trench coat never goes out of style. They add style and personality to your everyday ensemble. It keeps you covered from cold breeze and provides enough warmth to be worn during cold winter days. Layer it over anything, you are only going to look stylish and chic.

They are available in many different styles and fabrics. The best thing about them is that they are water-resistant so you wouldn’t need to worry about it getting drenched in rain.


Whether it is summers or fall, denim comes really handy. And you can never go wrong with having a nice pair of denim in your wardrobe. Wear it to your office or as evening wear they feel comfortable to wear in the cold season.

Denim are also available in many different styles, sizes, fit, and washes. You just need to pick the right one for yourself. But among those skinny jeans has always been a favorite among the buyers.


Fall doesn’t feel complete without adding a nice pair of boots to your wardrobe. Nothing looks as good as boots paired with denims. Ankle boots are quite in trend right now as you can easily pair them with some of your dresses too. Not that other ones like thigh-high boots or mid-calf styles aren’t quite popular. They also go really well with your fall ensemble, especially when it gets really cold.

While looking for your perfect pair, make sure to take the climate into consideration and also the material as they are available in many different options like suede which is quite in trend and the classic leather boots. So if you are thinking to invest in some nice boots make sure to check them for their quality and durability like some brands design boots that are weather-proof.

While buying them in nude, beige or black color can be the safest option for you but you can go a little experimental with prints and colors like animal print and bright hues as they have been trending for a while now.


Having a plaid shirt in your fall collection is a must. It remains the most classic choice to have in your collection. Don’t judge it by its look, they look really stylish when styled the right way.

Plaid shirt comes in many different styles and color combinations. Just pick the one that compliments you. Pair it with your regular jeans or office trousers, it looks really good both the ways.


Who doesn’t like to feel all cozy during those cold nights. That is when a chunky knit sweater becomes your best friend and provides you the needed comfiness and warmth. Pair it with your favorite jeans, skirt or leggings. It just goes with everything and looks good every time. To add some fall touch to it, purchase them in warm or neutral shades. You just can not miss on having this staple in your fall collection.


Going all comfy with your clothing during fall season is a good thing, but you also need to have a beautiful dress for all those evening outings. Opt for a black floral dress which can also be transitioned depending on the weather.

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