Things You Should Avoid Doing to a Trying all different ways at once to treat pimple

Pimples are one of those uninvited guests that nobody like welcoming anywhere on their skin, let alone the face. But no matter what you do or how diligently you follow your skincare rituals and routines, these nasty pimples always find a way to make an unpleasantry surprise visit on your face. We do understand that we all have a certain hatred towards pimples, but unnecessarily messing with them can end up making things worse, therefore, it’s always best to not take any chances with them and let them heal on their own. However, us being us, keeping our hands from touching the pimple or popping it out can be a real struggle, but hey! That’s for our own good, right?
Pimples can be nasty, but as long as you decide to leave them alone, no extra harm is going to be caused to your face. The next time you see a fresh pimple popping on your face, keep these things in your mind that you should never do to a pimple.

Trying all different ways at once to treat pimple

Now that the pimple has popped up on your face, you probably want it to disappear as soon as possible and while we understand your desperation, using all different solutions at once to get rid of the pimple isn’t going to make any sudden or effective change. Instead of confusing yourself and your skin with all different treatments, try sticking to just one that you are sure will work. Using too many things can often result in disturbing your skin, which will further worsen the problem..

Constantly touching it

Touching your face, especially with dirty hands is one of the worst habits to have. And when you do it on your pimple, you don’t realize it, but you are unintentionally transferring germs and dirt from your fingers to your face, which can be a huge problem, as it can further spread the infection, resulting in more pimples on your face. Therefore you should completely avoid touching your pimple and if it’s necessary, make sure that your hands are clean and washed.

Using dirty makeup tools

We know that washing dirty makeup tools like brushes and sponges can be quite boring and time-consuming thing to do, but all those efforts are worth your skin. You cannot afford to take any chance with your skin, especially when it’s breaking out, therefore, do your skin some favor and wash those makeup tools, which are otherwise harboring skin-causing bacteria. Using dirty makeup tools over pimple can easily aggravate the problem, which can also result in skin infection.

Picking pimple scabs

Now that you successfully managed to let the pimple heal on its own, don’t make your efforts and patience go in vain. When your pimple heals, it forms itself into a scab and we know, picking the pimple scab can be a pretty tempting offer, but you must restrain yourself from doing so or else you could end up with a nasty scar, which can take a few weeks to months to fade properly. This can also result in the reopening of the wound, which increases the chances of skin infection.

Trying to dry it out using DIY methods

You may have read thousands of articles telling about ways that can help you to dry the pimple out and as much as we would like you to believe them, these DIYs can be pretty extreme and they can end up irritating your skin. For instance, a few of the popular methods like using toothpaste, alcohol-based toner, or astringent can make the skin around your pimple extremely dry, which won’t only aggravate the inflammation but will also delay the healing process. Therefore, it’s best that you don’t use these extreme DIY methods and let the right product treat those pimples such as salicylic acid-based toner.

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