Wear Your Black Turtle Neck with This Guide

A black turtle neck is basic that most of us have in our wardrobe. Rather than wearing it casually inside a coat and pair it with pants; there are some ways you can make this completely basic item into something extraordinary. So without wasting time let’s get to the outfit styling that you can practice with the turtle neck. Don’t worry we will mention every minute detail for the outfit. Like what should be your accessory till your footwear. You will have the complete look here nothing will be left out.

Pattern Pants


To make this basic item look chic and elegant you need to add some pattern to the outfit. And keep the other things simple and plain. So what you need to do here is; add the patterned brown or beige pants. If you are feeling cold then you can pull on black blazer or coat on top of it. For your feet try one brown loafer. These should somewhat match the pattern of your pants. In case you are wearing pants that don’t have a brown pattern then, you need to wear nude pumps. Lastly, add a pretty gold necklace and a pair of goggles. You can carry a sling matching to the color of your footwear. You may like to keep the three accessories in a similar color pattern.

Black Boots

Wearing the black turtle neck with light blue jeans and the black knee-high boots can be the look for you. Now, you must wonder that you have learned to wear light color boots with light jeans and dark boots with dark jeans. Well, these are in the case you want to give an elongated feeling to your legs. In this case, we are pulling the look with high-rise denim and because of the black upper, it will totally work. You don’t have to go for extremely light blue jeans, medium washed jeans will work nicely. Make sure you are wearing skin-tight jeans with knee-length boots. Now, style a black cardigan on top of it pulling the sleeves up, wear a nice watch, and carry a black sling with it. You are ready to head out.

Boho Look


To go for a boho look wear the high neck black top with a mini skirt and wear the pantyhose to cover the legs. They can be plain or have a little bit of texture on them as you like. Add your chunky biker boots to the toes and wear a black cardigan on top. You can wear a black blazer to make it look a little chic and elegant; otherwise, the cardigan can work fine. Don’t flat wear the turtle neck pull the sleeves a little from here and there. You can style this outfit with a convertible bag or a tote. Don’t forget to wear the goggles with this look because they are a must-add piece to the outfit. You can wear a belt on the waistline if you want or you can skip the detailing.

Work Blazer


To style this look for work you will need your work blazer. Any pinstripes or check pattern blazer will work nicely with it. So you need to wear your turtle neck blouse and a pair of pants. You can wear black pants if you like or royal blue as you like. Make sure the pattern is working well with the blazer color. Suppose if you have a baby pink blazer than grey pants will work nicely. Wear something nice on your neck nice a small pendant on a thin chain. You can wear pointed-toe heels or boots depending upon the time you are styling this outfit. If it is snowy then wearing the boots with heels is the option. Otherwise, pointed-toe heels can be done. Carry your black structured bag with this outfit.

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