Revamp your makeup drawer for the summer season

Summer season is almost here and you girls must have already started putting off all your winter staples in one corner of your closet for good. While summers won’t be officially here for a month or two but it wouldn’t hurt to prepare yourself for the hot humid weather in advance. Whether it’s your closet or makeup drawer, revamping them could be the best start to prepare yourself for the summer season. However, summer wardrobe doesn’t need any such introduction but makeup plays an important role in influencing the way you look during summer. As the season changes, so do the needs of your skin. Keeping the right makeup products in your vanity is the basic necessity as applying the same products that you were using during winter won’t work appropriately in this hot sunny weather. And that’s exactly why your makeup drawer needs a serious revamping where your winter beauty products will be swapped with summer beauty products. If you’re completely clueless and have no idea about what all products to stock in your vanity, you need to fret not; we have got your back.
Listed below are some of the main beauty products that your summer makeup vanity won’t be able to do without.

Trade your foundation for BB cream

Summers season is not truly your makeup’s best friend. The hot humid weather can easily result in your makeup melting off your face so why to use such products when you have an easy and the most reliable option, BB cream. This is truly the best beauty product to have in your vanity during summers as it not only works like magic on your face but also serves more than just one purpose. It works as a moisturizer, color corrector, and foundation, all at once. It feels very light on the skin and also helps in giving you an even tone and blemish-free skin.

Use a powder blush

Now that the winters will be over soon, you no longer will have those flushed cheeks. Sad, right? But you need not worry; you still have a blush by your side that will help in faking those rosy cheeks. However, the choice of blush is really important here as it’s the hot summer season we are talking about therefore; you will have to be very careful with the formula of the blush. Powdered blush is considered to be an ideal choice during summers, whereas using a cream or liquid blush is only going to come off your face because of all that sweat, hence, avoid using them.

Waterproof eye makeup FTW

Waterproof eye makeup is best suited during the summer season. Not only waterproof makeup products are convenient to use but they also stay put for a long time. And when it comes to your eyes, you wouldn’t want to ruin your look because of that smudged kohl that keeps sliding down or the liner that just transferred on to your eyelids aka your crease, do you? Therefore, always use waterproof eye makeup products like mascara, liner, and kohl. Using an eye primer before applying any makeup product on your eyes will ensure that your makeup stays put all day long.

Look for bright lip colors

While winter season was all about dark rich hues, for summers, you can rely on bright peppy lip colors that perfectly embody the summery vibe. Look for lip colors in shades like pink, mauve, Fuschia, and peach. If you don’t already have these shades in your vanity, then it’s the right time to stock them up. Also, before putting any lip color on your lips, don’t forget to apply a lip balm to keep your lips from getting chapped.

Set your makeup with setting powder

The most crucial step of your makeup routine is setting it up with a setting powder. Instead of relying on setting spray to do the trick for you, you can use a matte based setting powder that will help in locking your makeup and will also ensure that it stays put for long. Setting powder will keep all the excess oil and sweat at bay or you can simply use a compact powder for quick touch-ups on the go whenever your face starts to appear oily or shiny from any area. So always keep it handy to make sure you look flawless all day long.

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