Tips and tricks to up your eyebrow game

If there’s one thing that can completely change the way your face looks, then it has to be the eyebrows. Your brows do the most to make your face look sharper and well-defined, but it also depends on the way they are maintained. While every girl would love to have brows that look on point all the time, they require some serious attention and care to keep them well-maintained. Things can easily take a wrong turn in between your appointments because of a few mistakes of yours. While we know we are not the best at taking care of our eyebrows in between the appointments, putting extra effort to maintain them will be worth in the end and that thing is for certain. If you are struggling to keep your brows in the best place and well-maintained, then it’s time that you incorporate these tips and tricks into your daily routine, which is the key to having gorgeous-looking eyebrows.

Maintain the natural shape of your brows

Brows are not one of those things on your face you can easily experiment with, one wrong move and this will end up ruining your look. Therefore, it’s best that you play safe with your brows and not do anything you’re not sure about. Just know the natural shape of your brows and instead of being experimental with them, try sticking to its natural shape. Getting your eyebrows shaped in a different way might leave you with either too thin or too bushy brows, which won’t exactly look flattering. Also, try getting to know about the eyebrow shape that will work best for your face.

Always get them done by a professional

Professionals are there for a reason, there’s no need for you to treat yourself one when you no nothing about shaping them the right way. Some girls have fast hair growth, which results in their brow hair growing out more quickly and we know that the offer to get rid of extra hair can be pretty tempting but you must avoid doing it on your own and leave it to the professionals. They are the best at what they do and they are also far more knowledgeable about certain things, therefore, it’s best if you wait for your appointment and not be in a hurry.

Keep them moisturized

Don’t forget that the area underneath your brows is very much skin, which means it also needs to be treated the same way you treat the rest of your skin. The key to having soft, plump, and hydrated skin is the nourishment and the best way to treat your skin with nourishment is by applying a good moisturizer. And while you apply the moisturizer, don’t forget to apply it on your brows as well. Apply moisturizer on your brows using fingertips and gently press them to allow the better absorption of product into your skin.

Apply castor oil

Castor oil is packed with some of the best properties, which not only benefits your skin but helps with hair growth as well. If you are someone, who has really sparse and light eyebrows, then you must consider adding castor oil to your routine. It can work wonders for your brows, you just have to be very religious with its use and not skip it. Antibacterial and antifungal are some of its properties, which help in preventing the growth of bacteria and fungus and also stimulate hair growth at the same time. Take a few drops of castor oil on your fingertips and use them to massage your brows. Do this step daily before going to bed at night to achieve the desired results.

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