Dressing up for humid weather made easier with these expert tips

While the summer season may give us a reason or two to rejoice, it’s also no secret that this weather brings along humidity with itself. No matter how cute or pretty outfit you’re wearing, the minute you step out of your house in that scorching heat and high humidity levels, the only thing that comes out to be is truckloads of sweat. And it’s a gross thing to witness especially when you’re heading somewhere important. Looking cute in that summer heat can feel a bit impossible thing to achieve, but trust us, it’s very much doable as long as you’re dressing up wisely and smartly.
While we know that nothing feels more tempting and season-friendly than wearing nothing, but that’s a thing we can only fantasize about. However, with the help of a few expert tips, you certainly can create outfits that will make your survival during humid weather a lot bearable and easy.

Pick pieces that fall away from your body

Anything too tight fighting or body-hugging can feel irritating and icky on so many levels in humid weather. Therefore, the best thing you can do is stay steer clear of such pieces and instead, add the ones whose shape falls away from your body and doesn’t cling to it. Such clothing pieces prevent the fabric from sticking to your body, which means you won’t be feeling icky anymore. A flowy skirt, tie skirt with slit, and a breezy romper would make for great additions to your wardrobe.

Buy cotton fabric

Life can become pretty miserable whenever the summer season decides to show its cruel side. This cruelty results in humid weather, which makes wearing anything a struggle. However, things could be made much easier if you are careful with certain things such as the fabric of your clothes. Fabrics play a crucial role in creating a season friendly wardrobe and when it comes to humid weather, you should always try to pick outfit made out of cotton and not invest in synthetic pieces as they can be very clingy and doesn’t stop sticking to your body.

Go light with the color palette

Like we said earlier, there are a lot of things that need to be considered whenever it comes to shopping for your summer wardrobe. And one of such things is the color palette, much like anything else, you wouldn’t want to go wrong here or you can end up having a bit hard time surviving the heat of humid weather. Instead of wearing your favorite dark colors such as black, look for a color palette that is either light or brighter in shade and nothing beyond that. Light colors feel very breezy and airy; on the other hand, dark colors attract more heat, resulting in more sweat. Colors like white, pink, blue, mint make for an excellent choice; you can also try prints as they camouflage the sweat.

Footwear matters

Your footwear is an important part of your ensemble and when it comes to your summer outfits, you should always stick with the right pairs to avoid that intolerable heat or gross sweat. Did you know that all the heat accumulated in your body escapes through your head and feet? It’s a fact and that is why you will have to be careful with your footwear choice. Chic and cute sandals will always remain the best option, but on days when you have to wear closed-toe shoes, stick to canvas shoes.

Avoid wearing tight jeans

Jeans are one of those staples that no wardrobe can do without. And if you’re someone who cannot do without wearing jeans during summer too, then make sure that you invest in the right styles. Jeans that are too tight and skinny fit should always be avoided as they can feel very uncomfortable in such humid weather; you should rather look for styles that are lightweight and looser in shapes. These jeans will allow the passage of air and will keep you comfortable all day long.

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