Social Media Popular Beauty Trends to Try

Social Media Popular Beauty Trends to Try

Social media is the place where you would get to learn new things every day. Where the new trends are seen first, where you get to know what is going on in the world, where you get to know about all kinds of industries and of course the beauty trends. Beauty trends have become a huge part of social media in today’s world and you can learn a lot about what is in style and what is not, along with what would be in style in the next season and what might make a comeback from the past, and so on. Seeing the rise of so many trends now is the time to place the top five beauty trends that are going to rule the season.


1: Barbie-core

Barbiecore as the name suggests is related to the doll named Barbie. This style has taken inspiration from the doll and has used a lot of similar elements such as the excessive use of hot pink color in the aesthetic. Here we are going to take about the beauty trend named barbie-core. In this style, you need to style up in the way barbie has such as with glossy lips, and good blowdry hair with a lot of volume and shine. Properly shapes eyebrows and of course the color pink. Get a good set of lashes to add to the look.


2: Light Feminine Aesthetic

A lot of actresses are inclined toward this style. This is the complete opposite of the dark feminine aesthetic and as the name suggests there is the use of light and natural makeup and the look has a feminine aura to it. There is a use of lighter tones when it comes to makeup. Foundation matching the skin, eyeshadows on the neutral side with rosy blush, and nude lipstick to provide a minimal or no makeup look. This look is simple and soothing.

Light Feminine Aesthetic

3: Coquette

This is also one of the soft aesthetics where you can feel a feminine vibe to the look. Similar to ballet core or cottage core, this style is more of having a feminine and regal touch which means there would be rosy blush to have that glow along with glossy lips. This can be seen in some of the historic series related to royalty or the upper class. A lot of celebrities are adoring this coquette aesthetic.


4: Baddie

People are inclined towards the minimal look when it comes to makeup, but you would love to try this style. The baddie style does not only mean having the right kind of makeup on but also the confidence to pull it off and look great. This style is about having full eyebrows with the style of cat eye and lip makeup consisting of lip liners and lipsticks. Prefer nude shades as the eyes are more defined here. Have a sleek hairstyle with this look and voila you are ready.


5: Rockstar Glam

Have an edgy style that can give you a glam look. This is the rockstar glam that is on the runway and so many celebs are adorning the look. This look is a unique look with bold eye makeup and burnt blush adorning the face. You can go for thin eyebrows or can even be experimental with the bleached brow look and get ready. Heavy contouring and sleek hairstyle, and you are ready for the event. Get the rockstar makeup and be stylish this season and be up to date.

Rockstar Glam

Now you are aware of the trends that are going to dominate the beauty industry and that you would be seeing on a lot of beauty pages, beauty influences, and celebrities. People are going for these trends when getting ready for a big event and thus they are gaining popularity. Your favorite celebs are using these beauty trends and styling up for the galas and events, thus increasing the popularity of these fashion trends. They are getting famous because of social media as it can be reached easily everyone and thus you woo need to learn things from these applications and stay up to date with what is going on in the fashion industry.


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