Natural Beauty Hacks with the Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an elixir for beautiful skin. You can use this oil on a regular basis to cure your skin issues and prevent the skin from aging. There are various remedies that can be performed with the help of coconut oil to get smooth non-texture, irritation-free skin. We have given you more than enough benefits of coconut oil. However, we will like to discuss these points in detail so that you can get complete knowledge on how it performs all these things. Therefore, without due let’s begin.

Lashes Growth

If you have been dreamy of rich black voluminous eyelashes. Well, you can have them by the grace of coconut oil. To have the heavy lashes naturally take two cotton pads and applies coconut oil on it. Place them in your eyes for ten to fifteen minutes. Coconut is rich in fatty acids which are extremely beneficial for hair growth so you can apply these cotton pads once every week. The oil on the pads will be absorbed by the lashes shaft and will lead to hair growth. When the oil is absorbed by the lash shaft it offers the protein which promotes hair grown.


Coconut oil has anti-aging properties. Since this oil is rich in fatty acids as well as the vitamins required for nourishing the skin cells. Therefore, it makes your skin glow and shin. You can also feel the firmness in your skin and face. What you need to do for a firm none textured face is, take a teaspoon of coconut oil and spread it generously to your face. Then massage it for five to ten minutes. This will help your skin absorb the nutrients present in the oil and eventually you will feel your skin is less oily and it doesn’t feel dry all the time. Since this is oil it is preferred that you use this technique during the night, not the day. The coconut will lead to the production of collagen and increase the elasticity of your skin by keeping it moisturized.

Stretch Marks

To cure stretch marks you can use coconut oil. It can be applied to any part of the body. Firstly you need to make a mixture and for that, you will need three ingredients. You will need half a cup of coconut oil, some sugar, and one medium-size lemon. Now, take a clear bowl and add one 100 ml cup of sugar add half a cup of oil, and squeeze a half medium-size lemon into it. If you have a small lemon than it is better that you squeeze it completely. Mix the ingredients well and apply the material to the infected area. This is not only beneficial to cure stretch marks but if you have pigmented skin than it can cure that as well. Sometimes due to the sweat around the waistline, we get dark brown skin. You can apply this mixture to the brown area to retain your original skin color. You need to use this method twice a week to get results. It is not only beneficial for these two things it can cure various other skin issues as well.

Make-up removal

If you have coconut oil at home then you need not worry about purchasing various make-up removers. If you use a make-up removal product that can melt your waterproof make-up then you would have noticed that these have some amount of oil in them. The oil layer is on the top and before using you need to mix the product well. However, if you use a cotton pad with coconut oil you will be able to remove your make-up without smudge. It is simple; pour some drops of oil on the cotton pad and gently swipe it through the area you want make-up to be removed. Use this natural ingredient available at most of the home and flourish with its benefits.

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