Catalog on how to make makeup last on oily skin

It can be a bit challenging to apply makeup on oily skin. You need to have a constant battle with the excess oil the skin is producing and the products you need to apply on your face. Even after applying makeup, the skin can get oily and that can ruin the makeup and make the face look all oily and greasy. Throughout the day it gets difficult to remove the oil and make sure the makeup stays.

If you have oily skin and want to know, what can you do to make sure the makeup stays and you get that nongreasy and clean look throughout the day, then look at the steps provided below to know all you need to wear makeup if you have oily skin.

1: Clean, exfoliate and moisturize your face

Always clean your face before applying anything to your face. Clean your face with a face wash that is suitable for oily skin and then exfoliate your skin properly. Make sure to exfoliate the skin but do not overdo it as it can make your skin dry and rough. After exfoliating the skin, moisturize your face with an oil-free moisturizer or a lotion or cream so as to make your skin soft and smooth. No matter if your skin is oily or not, moisturizing the skin is an important step and should never be missed.

2: Put a primer on your skin before anything

Putting a primer after cleaning your face and before putting on any makeup is an important step. The primer helps in controlling the production of oil and makes the skin look less oily and also creates a nice layer for the foundation and other products by making the skin smooth. This helps in the easy application of products. Put an oil-free primer on your skin and make sure to put it on the oiliest spots. This even helps in holding the makeup for a long period of time without ruining it.

3: Prevent creasing on your eye makeup

If you have oily skin then you must have faced problems with your eye makeup. Oily lids lead to creasing of the eye makeup, collecting the eye makeup on the crease and making it look untidy. In order to avoid it all, you need to do is change your eye makeup routine. Like instead of using a concealer try using a primer as a base for your eye makeup. Primer acts as a better base than a concealer as it absorbs the oil and prevents the crease to ruin the makeup.

4: Put the right amount of face powder

Face powder helps in making the skin look tidy and oil-free. If you have oily spots and want to make them look oil-free, put some face powder on those spots. Face powder gives an elegant matter finish to the makeup and makes the face look less shiny that make be caused due to the oil produced by the skin. But one thing that should be taken care of while applying face powder is to make sure that you apply the right amount of face powder as excess powder might work in the reverse and cause more oil production making the skin look shimmy and oily.

5: Make sure to carry blotting papers with you

Now after all the above-mentioned steps your makeup looks flawless but that does not mean that now you are free and you do not need to take care of your skin. You never know when your skin might get oily, so be prepared and carry some blotting papers with you so that you can use them to absorb the oil from the skin and help in making your skin look good. Make sure to dab the paper onto the skin softly and do not rub it on the skin.

Follow the above-mentioned points and get yourself a clean and oil-free look. Oily skin can be a bit difficult to apply makeup on and for it to stay for a while, but with a proper technique in applying makeup, you can easily get oil-free skin for at least a few hours. Create a skincare routine that will help you get oil-free skin or at least reduce the oiliness of the skin. You can go and search for even some food that might help in this. Take proper care of your skin after removing makeup as a residue of these products might trigger and cause your skin to produce more oil.

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