Types Of Skins And Its Disorders

There are tons of people in the world and all of them have different skin types. Our skin type generally depends upon two factors first is external and second is internal factors. The External factors are the environment, the products that we apply on our face whereas; the internal ones are the food that we consume and most importantly our DNA. As most of us have got our facial features and body structure from our ancestors or our parents, we have got our skin types from our parents as well. So if your parents have dry skin or oily skin then, you can probably have a combination skin or one of the two. Let’s dive into the type of skin you have.

Oily skin

This skin type has its own pros and cons. Its pros being that this skin type doesn’t get mature to fast and therefore you will find this skin to be vibrant most of the time. However, this skin type does get acne often and on the age of maturity, as the wrinkles appear late, they have a deep layer of wrinkles. This is often caused to the people who haven’t been moisturizing the face since the early twenties. If you have oily skin even then, you must moisturize your face on a regular basis. You can keep moisturizing for 5 days a week if you are using water-based moisturizer than you must apply it 365 days.

Dry Skin

Dry skin people have the flaking, dull skin. This skin usually doesn’t produce any oil thus, apply a deep nourishing moisturizer is a must. If you have very dry skin then, it’s red most of the time and flaky as well. You must use an oily cleanser rather than foam ones. Use a milky based cleanser and moisturizer, and never ever forget to apply sunscreen. You can end up getting dark skin tone if you haven’t taken care of your skin properly. One must consult a dermatologist now and then if you have itchiness or extreme redness in any area of your body.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin should choose their product with extreme caution. After getting your allergic test done, you are aware of what does and doesn’t affect your skin badly. Thus, you must always read the ingredients on the product before getting anything. It is wise to consult a dermatologist often in your case and ask them for the suitable products. You can get the wage idea of what, what goes well with your skin and later you can explore the products on your own.

Combination Skin

A combination-skin is a mix and match of two skin types. Most of the men and women have a combination skin where their t-zone and cheek area is oily, whereas their lower under lips portion is dry. You can go for two different products at a time, or you can get yourself a mixture of two. The products that are ideal for all skin types are made for such skin types. Yet somehow the skin requirements are different, therefore you can get yourself a deep cleanser and rub extra on the oily portion.

Normal Skin

Normal skin is a blessing, you need to take care of your skin but do not just overdo anything. Stick to a normal skincare morning and night routine and you will be just fine to deal with the skin. As you have an even skin tone you need to apply the products in an even amount. No matter what always wear a sunscreen before you step out.

It’s normal if for your skin type to change with the changing season and even the changing environment. You need to stick to a skincare routine and most of your problems will be solves. However the changing of products with the skin change is a must and only then, your skin will adapt to the changes while remaining healthy nourishes.

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