Things you need to know about the trending Y2K

Y2K or as it means the year 2000 is the new trend of 2021. This is the complete opposite of the minimalist style and is all about bold and vibrant. This got its name from the fact that this style focuses on the fashion of the 2000s. This fashion is all about pop culture, miniskirts, low-rise jeans, and vibrant colors. This may remind the millennials about their teen years and the way they used to dress.

Do you feel fascinated by this style? Do you wish to dress up in the Y2K style? If so, then scroll down and look at the points we present to you and get to know about this style and how can you dress in this style.


Ribbed Cardigans

This is one of the most important elements for the famous Y2K look. These cardigans are soft and mostly end near the waist area. They are worn over a dress or are buttoned up and worn as a top. You can style them with some straight or wide jeans or some mini skirts or shorts. This is the era of low rise and these cardigans look exceptionally good with low rise jeans. The colors used for these are vibrant or pastels. You can style these cardigans and look stunning with some accessories adorning you.



You must have seen actresses wearing miniskirts in the 2000s movies. Once in a while, you must have had a wish to try those miniskirts worn by those actresses. Well, here you are, this style is all about the 2000s and therefore miniskirts are a part of the fashion. Vibrant hues with good quality material define a miniskirt. You can wear it in summer with some blouse or tee and can wear it in winters with some sweater or turtleneck and high boots or warm stockings.


Baggy jeans

Baggy jeans were extremely famous in the 2000s and thus are famous in this style. They create a sense of comfort and make the person wearing them feel comfortable. Jeans were either low rise or extremely wide-legged. You can easily style this type of jeans into different vibes. If you are going for something feminine then pair it up with some cropped tops or tank tops and if you going for something edgy and grungy then pair it up with some dark-colored tees or jackets.


Mini sunglasses

This has to be the cutest and the most stylish accessories out in the Y2K style. These mini sunglasses look trendy and chic on anyone and everyone. There are many colors you can choose from and get some for yourself. They are smaller than normal sunglasses and come in different designs and shapes. They elevate the outfit and make the look dapper. There are other accessories as well that makes the outfit look amazing such as clips, barrettes, and others.


Velvet track pants

These were extremely famous in the 00s and you can not imagine the Y2K fashion without this signature outfit. They were trendy back then and have now made a great comeback in this era. Who would have thought that these velvet track pants will be back and famous in the 2021s? You can style these track pants without much effort. All you need is a fitted crop top which you can layer with some velvet jacket or a denim jacket. A velvet track pant and some funky footwear. You can accessorize your outfit with some hair accessories like a claw clip or some barrettes. You can also wear funky-colored sunglasses and complete the outfit. To make it all look more 00s make sure to select some vibrant colors.

You are now introduced to the famous Y2k style and you now have a little bit of idea how to dress like this. This style is all about glitter, sparkles, vibrant colors, pop culture, and of course nostalgia. You can look more into this style if you are intrigued by it and want to know more about it. You can add your personal touch to this style and alter things here and there and then wear accordingly. Experiment with this style and see whether this is the style for you.

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