How to make waxing a pain-free session for yourself?

Waxing is one of those things that are essential for every woman almost every month or in a month or two. But it cannot be avoided and must be done in a hassle-free and painless way. It gives your skin a smooth finish and makes sure that your arms and legs and the whole body, for that matter looks neat and tidy. There are some points that you need to keep in mind for carrying out this process the right way. Pay attention to them and makes this a painless session for yourself.

Let the hair grow

The length of your hair plays a key role in waxing intervals. You should never wax for the sake of the fact that you have some growth on your body. You should always let proper growth of hair come on your arms and legs before you go for a waxing session. This is because if you do not allow them to grow in an appropriate length, then you might end up damaging your hair follicles and also inculcate hard growth of hair the next time they come. Here, patience is the key and thus, you should let your hair regrow from the previous wax session. If you wax your hair in some frequent sessions and do not let your hair grow in a good length before waxing, this will simply destroy the natural genetic build-up.

Always Exfoliate prior

Exfoliation is a very important thing to do before going for a waxing session. This helps in achieving a smooth finish for the skin and makes sure that you follow all the steps for a flawless skin base. The thing about exfoliation is that if you have dry or sensitive skin then you might end up getting rashes or redness on your skin after waxing. But with proper exfoliation before a waxing session, you can make this a pain-free process. As it opens the hair pores, waxing becomes much easier. This way, all the dead skin cells are removed and this further prevents ingrown hair. You can use a body scrub and make use of an exfoliating glove to exfoliate the part of your body that is to be waxed. After you are done, secure with a moisturizer and seal the skin. Make this a habit and make waxing much easier for yourself. Now you wouldn’t be scared of it as much.

Pay attention to the temperature of the wax

The wax that is used for waxing should be chosen carefully. There are a lot of different waxing techniques and types of wax that are meant for different body types. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin as well as the texture- dry, combination, oily, normal and sensitive; one needs to pick up the right wax and then conduct this session. Moreover, it is important to keep the temperature of this wax normal and soothing. You are not there to burn your skin so always check if the temperature of the wax is at an acceptable level. Do not heat it for more than 3 minutes and turn it off midway if you feel like it is causing itchiness your skin. Any wax that is too hot for you not only causes your skin to burn but also disrupts the hair follicles thus, causing ingrown hair.

Waxing in the right direction

Waxing your hair in the right direction is imperative because this is the sole reason why many women face the problem of ingrown hair as well as hard growth. When you wax your hair in the wrong direction, it simply causes the hair to grow in the opposite direction the next time. This makes the hair hard and adds to a very shabby looking growth. Thus, creating an impact on future hair growth and the hair texture, this plays a very important role in waxing. What you need to do is apply the wax in the direction of the hair and then pull the wax strip in the opposite direction to avoid any unwanted complications. Also, you need to pull in one fast go to make sure that hair is unrooted and comes out evenly. If you pull the wax strip slowly, you will not be able to get rid of every hair.

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