Surprising reasons that might be causing your skin to breakout

It would be a lie if we told you that breakup hurts more than noticing a pimple on your face. Nothing is worse than noticing tiny bumps on your face that are about to turn into full-fledged pimples. While not following your skincare routine, eating unhealthily, high stress levels, and nearing your menstrual cycle are some of the common reasons for acne break outs, if you have been doing everything right and it’s not that time of the month, then there’s something else to blame. Your skin gets exposed to so many elements throughout the day, and there’s a high possibility that these factors might be the reason why your skin is breaking out even when you are doing the best you can to keep acne at bay.

Turns out, the things that we could hardly blame for causing acne, are the ones that are responsible for acne breakouts in the first place. We were as shocked as you must be feeling right now. We are about to reveal to you some surprising reasons why your skin might be breaking out.



Shocking right? Your toothpaste is one of the sneaky reasons why your skin might be breaking out. Toothpaste that is actually believed to help get rid of acne is actually the one that might be causing acne in the first place. Most toothpastes are known to contain super-drying ingredients like menthol, on being exposed to the skin, it leaves the area pretty dry, causing your skin to overproduce sebum that lead to acne breakouts. Clean your lips and the area around your mouth thoroughly after brushing your teeth.


Hitting the sheets with wet hair

While washing your hair at night before sleeping seems like a convenient thing to do, it doesn’t necessarily have any good things in store for you. Sleeping with wet hair isn’t only damaging for your hair’s overall health but this could also be the reason why your skin is breaking out. Wondering how? Bacteria thrive in damp and dark places, making your pillow the perfect spot for it to grow. When the same pillows come in contact with your skin, it ends up transferring bacteria to your skin, thereby leading to acne.


Cell phones

If your skin tends to breakouts in areas like your jawline and chin, then an item that you must hold very dear to you could be the reason behind all this. Any guesses what we are talking about? For those who guessed it to be cell phones, you are absolutely right. This device is one of the many reasons why your skin could be breaking out. Mixing of dirt and bacteria settled on your phone and the oil produced by your skin is nothing but a recipe for disaster. You should use your phone as minimally as possible and try to find some time to clean your phone daily.


We don’t intend to separate you from your furry baby neither do we want you to abandon them, the only thing that we are trying to explain to you is your pets could be the reason why your skin is breaking out. Your furry friends tend to carry a lot of bacteria, and it’s always a better idea to avoid letting your face come in close contact with the area where your pet sits. The best thing you can do in this case is washing your face with a mild cleanser after having a cuddling session with your pet.

Throw pillows

Unlike the pillows on our bed, the covers on throw pillows don’t get washed or switched quite often. And if you have a lot of throw pillows on your sofa or even your bed, then they could be the reason for acne breakouts. All the dirt and bacteria sitting on the surfaces of throw pillows can easily get transferred to your skin, leading to breakouts. Therefore, try to wash your throw pillows more often and try to minimize contact with them.

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