Why Your Foundation Looks Patchy?

Why Your Foundation Looks Patchy

This is something everyone has encountered in their life when they start doing their makeup. There are times when you would complete your makeup and then when you look at it in the natural light you would notice how cakey it looks or how patchy the base is. The foundations are sometimes not set right with the powder or there are times when your skin is not prepped as much as needed or it is dry which makes your base look bad. There is n number of possibilities as to why your base looks patchy but no matter what it makes your whole look weird and bad thus it is important to make sure that you practice and make your base as smooth as possible so that you can get the stunning makeup look.


1: Dehydrated Skin

One of the most common reasons why the foundation looks cakey and patchy is that the skin is not prepared for the makeup. You cannot just go and start applying makeup products to your skin. You need to look after your skin before and after the makeup and to create a flawless base for the foundation you need to clean, moisturize, hydrate, and exfoliate the skin. This will make your skin clean and hydrated for the products to be applied easily.

Dehydrated Skin

2: Not Using Primer

You should never forget the first layer of makeup which is the primer. After prepping up your skin with the hydrating serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen the makeup starts, and people think that they have applied moisturize and that it is okay to go with the foundation now which is not true. You need to use a primer. This makes your skin smooth and creates barriers between skin and foundation. Making it easy for the foundation to slide and also protecting your skin.

Not Using Primer

3: Wrong Formulation

Before buying makeup, you should get to know your skin type. This is an important step you need to do before you select the products you are going to use. If you have dry skin you would need different formula than someone with oily skin. But if you do not know much about your skin then you might end up using the wrong formula that would make your foundation look patchy and cakey.

Wrong Formulation

4: Too Much

Use a limited amount of makeup on your skin. You do not need to lather your skin with foundation or any other product. You need to look for the ones that would provide you with a glowy and natural look. If you use a small amount just to cover your skin and some blemishes if you want to, that would be enough. You need to have a hydrating look that can be achieved by using a small and necessary amount of product and not lathering the face with the foundation.

Too Much

5: Not Letting The Product Set

Now when you apply makeup there are certain ways and steps you usually follow. Such as using a primer as a foundation, concealer, contour, powder, and so on. The mistake people do when they apply makeup is not letting the product set. If you apply foundation on wet primer it would not give you a flawless base. You need to wait for the primer to set, at least a couple of seconds. You cannot use loose powder on a wet foundation, again you have to wait a few seconds and then apply it. Also do not remove the excess powder the next second, wait for a second or so, and then softly dust it off.

Not Letting The Product Set

These are some of the many reasons that you would have your base look patchy. This would make your makeup look bad and messy. To avoid this you should look for the reasons why is your skin patchy and why is your foundation patchy. There are numerous reasons for that to happen and you need to find out your reason and then work on it. It will make it a lot easier for you to have a smooth and natural-looking base that you can work on to create the makeup look you are looking forward to. Practice a lot and use the right products on the skin.


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