Makeup Hacks Popular Among Gen Z

Makeup Hacks Popular Among Gen Z

Makeup is a wide topic. There are so many things in makeup, from products to get the flawless base, to the things used to apply the products, the styles, glitter, matte, such a large list of things that together constitute this word. While makeup makes you enhance your features and get the look you desire, there are times when you just do not get the hang of it as to how to make it look a certain way or to make things easier. With gen z trying new things, you should be sure there are going to be new hacks that would make work easier, work smarter not harder you know. If you are looking for some nice and new makeup hacks, look at the list to know what hacks are used by this generation.


1: Reverse Makeup

If you want to have a flawless base, then here is a little trick to use. You can reverse the makeup. After the primer instead of going for the foundation and then other products such as blush highlighter and contour, you reverse the application and use blush, highlighter, concealer, and contour before the foundation on your face. After that just take a brush or beauty sponge and blend everything. This will provide you with a flawless base. Touch up the makeup if needed.

Reverse Makeup

2: Dabbing the Setting Spray

Setting spray and mists are often used by spritzing it on the face after the makeup is done. It helps in keeping the makeup stay for a long time without any smudge. You can get a dewier and better setting. You need to have a clean sponge that you can use. Damp it and spray the setting mist or spray on it. Let it soak the product and then use it to press the spray on the skin. This will set the makeup on the skin and provide you with a glowy look.

Dabbing the Setting Spray

3: Face Lift With Concealer

Concealer is not only a product that can conceal acne, dark spots, dark circles, or any other spot on the face. It is much more useful than just that. You can have a facelift illusion with the help of a concealer. You just have to use the concealer in a specific manner to have that effect on your face. You need to angle the product away from the eye, towards the eyebrows, and similarly away from the end of your mouth so that you get that lifted-face look.

Face Lift With Concealer

4: Mixing Powder and Liquid Foundation

If you have some spots to cover on your face that are difficult to cover with a liquid foundation alone or with a powder alone then why not mix the two? If you mix the foundation with some powder, it creates a product that can provide you with a fuller base that would be able to cover all the spots that you want to cover. This would be a perfect blend between a glossy and matte foundation.

Liquid Foundation

5: DIY Liners

You do not need to buy different color eyeliners when you have this hack with you. All you need is an eyeshadow palette, setting spray, and an eyeliner brush. Instead of spending money on getting all different colors of eyeliners, you can just make your own that too with simple steps. All you need to do is apply some setting spray on the eyeliner brush, apply some eyeshadow on it, and voila your eyeliner is ready. Use the brush and apply it to your eyelids to see the magic. This hack helps in creating different looks instantly.

DIY Liners

These are some of the many hacks that are going viral and are popular among people nowadays. These hacks help you have flawless makeup and easy and effective ways to either apply it or make it in a certain way. This generation loves social media and makeup and when these two combine they create some great things to learn. You get so many new hacks not only about makeup but all different things, from makeup, beauty, skincare, hair, fashion and so many more from here. The ones mentioned in the list are genuine hacks that you can try yourself and see how effective they are.


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