What Are The Dos And Don’ts Of Hooded Eyes?

The common issue with the eye shape is the hooded eye. It can be an issue if you really lay all your attention on them. Most of us have different eye shapes and other key features. Therefore, lay attention on those rather than the non-key features. One should always look for the positive in things and not the negative. So, if you have hooded eyes then you can make them look way open and less hooded if you use some of the make-up hacks suggested by us. Make-up can do wonder for any individual. It can make you look prettier, else if done in excess it can make you look not so good. Let’s talk about the eye make-up hacks for those of us who have hooded eyes.

Eyebrows Grooming

To make your eyebrows look perfect. Firstly, you need to learn what should be the shape of them. They have to arched pass the center and then the tail of the brows shouldn’t be extremely long. It should end like an inch or maybe lesser than an inch after the arch. The length of the tail defines your eye, it is a big deal. You need to see that the tail isn’t pushed lower. It shouldn’t be like next to the eye, there should be a gap between the lid and the tail of the eyes. Next fill in your brows naturally, don’t add on extra darker color to the eyes. Brush them up nicely and don’t overdo.

Eye Priming

Hooded eyes have not a much-defined crease line, which makes their upper portion look bigger. Sometimes we do get some oil over the lids and then you can have the smudgy eye shadow. So you need to prime your eyes using the concealer and a translucent powder. You can make sure that the oiliness over the lid is sealed away. Don’t conceal just yet under the eyes. You need to apply the concealer to the top lid only. Now, using a clear powder which isn’t white toned with a brush to make the concealer look smoother. Fill in the gaps if there are any. If you are using a nourishing concealer it can be a little flowy. So you can use the powder over.

Crease Line

Now, since the crease of the hooded eye is molded over, we cannot see the crease line. If you open your eye and then fill in the crease line then you will notice that there is an extremely lesser part of the crease line which is highlighter or it will be like your eyelid and crease is on the same place. But what can you do to have the defined creased line? Move your brush above the crease line rather than over it. For this, you will have to keep your eye open and then move the brush in the outer corner of the crease. Try to buff the crease line till the inner corner of the eyes. Now, you need to be sort of pushing it out towards the brows. You need to buff it till under the brows arch.

Eye Shadow

The eye shadow setting has to be the darker tone towards the outer corner of the eyes and buffing is upwards towards the brows tail. The inner corner has to have lighter tones like the skin tone. If you have to apply some shimmer of the eye then you need to follow the same techniques. Use the deep-toned shimmer to the outer corner and applying a light tone to the lid buffing it to the inner corner of the eyes. You can apply it in a similar manner below the eyes as well under the waterline. Darker tone on the outer corner moving upwards towards the tail and the inner corner has to be highlighter using a lighter tone.

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