Learn About what should be Your Dressing Style While You Are Home-Stuck

Since most of us are not having much work pressure while we are working from home. Well, to be clear it isn’t a statement for all; there are individuals who are feeling much pressure of work during this time. So, for those of us who have that extra time on our plate can spend a few minutes reading and understanding the body that we have. Getting to know, how do we style it in a better way? so that, we not only feel comfortable but look better than we already have been looking. Well, sometimes the style tips don’t work for all body type as one can look superb in the clothing which isn’t meant for them. So, let’s begin on a positive note and learn a few clothes tailored for our particular body type.

Apple Body

Apple body is one of the most common bodies found among the human race. These bodies are heavy around the tummy and the shoulders are wide as well. Well, dressing up this body may look difficult to most of the women but since we already told you that this is one of the common shapes. You people can find a lot of clothing tailored to your body. If we talk about tops then wear the V-neck has to be your preference. You can wear the shirts and keep the top buttons open or you can buy the V-neck tees that are loose around the stomach. The jeans that suit this body type are high rise and not skinny jeans.

Hourglass Body

This is supposed to be the perfect shape of the body. Like an hourglass, your body is in equal proportion and you have no excess fat around the hip or the tummy. Well, it can be super easy to style these bodies as almost each clothes fit you right. You can experiment with loose clothing but you must tuck it in or wear a high rise with it so that one part of your body is looking sleek and the other is skinny. However, when you are planning on wearing a loose dress, you must add on some amount of detailing around the waistline to pinpoint the feminine curve of your body. A crop top with flared or boot cut high rise jeans seamlessly look amazing on your body.

Inverted Triangle Body

The inverted triangles are also called the pear-shaped. They have an unproportionate upper body. You have a thin shoulder and thick around the tummy of the waistline. Basically, you need to wear something forgiving around your tummy while adding a little bit of volume to your upper body. Things like puff sleeves ought to give you the heaviness around the shoulder and if they are body-skimming especially around the tummy then they are the clothes made for you. You can look for these details on tops as well as dresses. When it comes to bottoms, it is always preferable for you to go with something which is a mid-rise as the high-rise will give you the bulge around the tummy; whereas, the mid-waist will hit the bulge in the center not making it a focal point.

Flat Body

The flat bodies have been struggling to find the clothing made for them. Well, since there are quite a few women who actually have flat bodies, they don’t find the help they need. So the issue with the flat bodies is, they never grow thick. They are thin during their teenage, and once they had their pregnancy over, they are back to the way they were. Well, you can be helped if you wear not fitting clothing. The loose clothing is your body’s best friends. Since it will not stick to your body, making it prominent that you are thick. Besides who knows how you look like under the thick layer of loose clothing. So you can go for paper bag bottoms and loose fit crop tops and blouse.

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