Makeup trends that are creating a rage right now!

If you love makeup and do not shy away from experimenting with it, then you are in the right place. The makeup trends listed below are creating a rage right now probably because of two factors. Firstly, they are distinct and too bold for beginners and secondly, they are so edgy that your entire look can be transformed with just one look. These looks are definitely some of the most easy-to-pull off looks. Try some of them out if not all and cast a great impression!

Neon Liners

This makeup trend is truly one of the most unique and bold trends if you ask us. There has been a very mainstream approach to makeup since forever but now, everything has taken a U-turn. There have been a lot of improvisations in this regard and this neon liner is the first one that we have picked. The amount of ferocity and boldness that this neon liner has is truly unmatched. If you are in a doubt that your outfit is mainstream and boring, then this neon liner will alter your entire personality. Yes, it is that effective and has a lot of potential to amp any look of yours. Since it is far away from real makeup, it adds an edge to the overall style and that is why it is taking over makeup trends right now.

Colorful Mascara

All of us have seen colorful liners as well as eye shadows but have you thought about a colorful mascara? If not, you should. This is because this trend has been seen on fashion runways a lot and is slowly making its way into our vanity too. The best thing about this colorful mascara is that with this one, you don’t need to add any other color or drama to your eyes. It is self-sufficient and has the ability to add vibrancy to any makeup look. You might feel skeptical about experimenting with this one first but once you do, there is no chance that you will skip wearing this one. It has the ultimate style, vibe and chic style that one looks for everywhere. Go for this chic look and create a bold statement.

Fuchsia lips

The reason why we have mentioned Fuchsia, in particular, is that shades of pink are such colors that almost everyone loves them. Pink is a very deary color and any shade in this tone is bound to look flattering. Fuchsia is definitely one of the most universal colors. If you are too shy to carry a bold red color, then this one will save you at every party. You can easily flaunt this one with all your outfits at work and even for your fun casual outings. It has so much charm to it that it will force you to ditch the red color and go for this bright-pink tone. You can also opt for hot pink tones and they legit look sexy every time! Go for matte or gloss or tint- whatever you like but choose this one for the perfect style statement!

Bronze Cheeks

Pink cheeks have always been a trending makeup style because it adds glow and brightness to the face. Any kind of blush makes your face look glowing and more defined. This blush is applied on the apple of your cheeks and thus highlights them in the best possible way. These bronze cheeks are an improvisation of the blush cheeks. Now bronze cheeks are in demand for the sole reason that they add definition to the face. With this makeup trend, you can add a dimensional look to your face and flaunt the perfect jawline. Choose a bronzer that is in the same shade as your skin tone. Swirl it in small concentric circles from one temple to another and make this one look no less than a diva.

Dewy Look

This one is not exactly a bold makeup trend but it definitely catching eyes everywhere. The look of this makeup is truly captivating and is one of the most trending makeup looks right now. If you come to think of it, this makeup look has a lot of highlighter and glowing features to it. It has more of a velvety finish that pulls light inward and ads radiance to the skin. Often combined with a powdery texture, the trick is to add moisture to the face over your makeup. The dewy makeup look is usually created using essential oils or a liquid highlighter. This one is super flattering and makes adds glow to your face. You can flaunt this during the day as well as night.

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