The ultimate guide to wearing the right lingerie with different outfits

Finding the right lingerie for different outfits can be quite daunting. We often spend a few of our minutes pondering about it. With different styles, fabrics, and sizes available it can be difficult to find the right one and to pair it with the right outfit.

While size matters the most, they should also be looked out for their functionality. It is extremely important to wear the right lingerie with different outfits or else it may end up looking uncomfortable.

From t-shirts and backless dresses to plunging neckline and strapless tops, there is always the right lingerie for every clothing piece.


Pairing a bra under your white t-shirt can be a little tricky considering how it shows anything worn under it.

A t-shirt bra is any easy solution to it which comes with seamless and molded cups to avoid any kind of texture or lump formation peeking through your clothing even if worn under tight-fitting t-shirt. They are also quite popular for their versatility as they can be worn with any other garment because of its seamless cupping. It is best to buy them in beige nude color so that it is convenient to wear them with any color of the outfit. And before making any purchase, just don’t go by the label, check it for its quality and other factors like texture, lump formation, and seamless cupping.


Plunging neckline dresses and tops surely looks sexy when worn to an outing. But for it to look more appealing, you should wear the right bra under it. Strapless plunge bra makes for perfect lingerie. It can be easily worn under dresses or tops with necklines that extend below the sternum. And the best thing about it is that you can attach the straps on it to give some extra support to your chest when wearing with dresses that has sleeves attached to it.


While some women go all natural by wearing nothing under a backless dress, some women with heavier bust can’t go all-natural as they feel the need to wear a bra under it to give them support and firmness. This is when stick-on bras come handy. You just have to stick it to your body and slightly push it up a little and you are good to go.

This serves as a major lifesaver because it goes with every single outfit. They are almost invisible and look like your skin color. However, it doesn’t provide much support to the breast.


What is a better way to show a little skin than wearing a strapless dress. Wearing a bra underneath is a good idea but if it comes with detachable straps then it can be quite a bummer. As it will not only make your dress look unflattering but will also grab attention for all the wrong reasons. To avoid all that from happening, opt for a strapless bra that comes with padded and underwire cupping to provide support to the chest.


Pairing a bra underneath such clothing pieces seems quite impossible. If not a bra, then something else can do the job and i.e. nipple cover or you may call nipple petals. Just stick them on to your nipples and you are good to go. They are sweat-resistant, so them sticking off is not a problem. And they also don’t cause any pain while peeling it off. But it may not work for women with heavy bust as they are only meant to cover the nipples.


Every woman should own seamless panties in their wardrobe as you never know when they come handy. Just like, when they come to use when wearing a bodycon dress. The way a bodycon dress hugs every curve of your body, the stitch of the undergarment can be quite visible and it feels really uncomfortable and awkward. In this case, your best bet can be a seamless panty. Purchase them in nude and black color and you are sorted with all your bodycon dresses as these two colors go with everything. And it’s definitely worth purchasing.

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