Tips to nail the classy Dressing style

Dressing up in the perfect pieces according to your body type is always a safe way to appear in a crowd. It’s subtle and never highlights your flaws. Of course, you can always mix and match whatever you wish to but it is important to keep in mind the overall appearance. By simply adding a piece of accessory to the outfit, the whole vibe changes. That vibe is classic and never fails to impress. Dressing in a sophisticated manner is substantial and a state of mind. If you feel classy, you look classy. The way you carry yourself in different outfits says a lot about you. Dressing in loose clothing can also make you look classy; it’s all in the mind!

If you’re surprised at this, we must tell you that dressing in super-expensive designer and couture pieces do not define classy. It’s basically the concept of wearing anything and feeling great about it. Pick some tips and tricks here and there and you’ll nail the art!

Invest in Classic Timeless pieces

The first thing you want to do is invest in timeless pieces that will never go out of style. Yes, we know going by the trend is the thing today. But it is always a safe play to pick some classic pieces in between. They will save you from all those bizarre outings when you have no idea what to wear. Analyze your personal style and look for something that suits you best. It can be your favorite flared jeans and a white shirt, monochrome outfits or one-piece dresses in solid colors. Everyone has a personal style that looks good no matter what.

Be Minimal, Don’t Overdo it

It’s not necessary to hoard a lot of accessories and layers on your body to look dressy. That’s just a myth! And we’re sorry to break the bubble but overdoing it is a flop show. One should always look effortlessly beautiful and that’s the trick. Even if you’re wearing a regular pair of jeans with a tee, you can look classy by simply flaunting a messy bun and dark lipstick. If you’re going to a night party, you can go for nude makeup with the classic black dress. Always try to match your options so that they complement each other and not dominate each other. Go for light accessories with heavy tops and heavy neckline with subtle tops.

Playing with Monochromes

A monochrome is when you wear the same color from head to toe. This gives a very sleek look to your body and defines the body shape very beautifully. One can never fail to look drab in a monochrome outfit. The trick here is to play with monochromes and creating a classy silhouette. Combine different shades of the same color and wear them. For instance, if you’re wearing a steel grey skirt, pick a jacket in black or dark grey with a chain sling bag. Wear black turtle-neck and you have successfully improvised the monochrome look!

Mind the Accessories

Pairing accessories with the right outfit at the right time can be a tricky game. You might think it is the easiest thing to do but sometimes it is overdone. We add them to our outfit to amp the look and not dull it. So always go for minimalistic dressing. In bags, you should carry compact sling bags when going out for a fun outing. Always carry exactly what you need and don’t make it bulky. Totes are also a very classy option. In jewelry, go for statement rings and neckpieces. Pick multi-layer necklaces with plain tees. When you deck up your ears, leave the neck bare! Details really matter.

Contrast is the Key

Contrast clothing is the best idea when it comes to classic styles. And it is not just the color that we have to coordinate, it is the fabric too. Try to amp up that part of your body which is perfect in shape. We all know this trick but fail to execute it. Pick a trouser in solid color or paper-bag style and match it with a sequin blouse. You can also go for a trendy denim skirt and pair it with a satin buttoned shirt. The idea is to create a unique style that never fails to catch attention.

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