Leggings that deserve to be in your closet

Each one of us has leggings in their closet as a staple wardrobe piece. We practically live off black leggings because they go with everything and never grow old. Black is something we have in everything-denim, dresses, shorts. But since there is no harm in adding colors to your outfit, we can explore a lot of variations in leggings too. There are countless designs and patterns in leggings and the plus point is that they are super comfortable. You can wear them all day. You can wear them for any occasion. With so much versatility in one piece of clothing, we think it deserves to be a part of your closet. Now leggings can be paired with a lot of other articles like crop tops, skirts and shorts in summers; coat, jackets, and shrugs in winters. We have narrowed down a list of leggings in different designs that you must add to your closet now!

Regular length leggings

Regular leggings are the ones that are full length in size and go with everything. They are best suited for every outing and event. They extend far up to your ankle and cover the entire legs. Regular leggings are available in many colors from dark to light. Black, blue, tan are the most commonly worn colors. You can also pick them in light colors like beige and olive because they add differentiation in an outfit. It’s good to have a variety of colors in your closet so that they can be mixed and matched. These leggings will go with your tunics, crop tops, trench coats along with sneakers, sandals or boots.

3/4th Length Leggings

These leggings finish way above your ankle near the calf muscles. 3/4th leggings are a very convenient option and can be worn with tunics. They create a great fashion statement and that’s why they are one of the most bought designs in leggings. They are not a great choice for formal wear but can be worn for every casual and athleisure wear. Since they stop at the calf muscles, you can wear a fancy anklet with it to highlight your legs and show some skin. Pair them with baggy tops and long bodycon tunics to create a perfect outfit. You’ll feel a whole another vibe when you’ll dress in these.

Ankle-length leggings

These are the fanciest leggings ever. Any occasion you name and we mean it in the literal sense, you can wear them everywhere and with everything. These leggings are the sexiest of all the pieces listed here. They finish just above your ankle perfectly and highlight your curves in the most stunning way possible. Pick them in any color but don’t forget black as it will save you in every event. They go with your dresses, jackets, capes, and anything that you can think of. You can pick ankle-length boots and sneakers with these leggings and they will become a key highlight of your outfit too.

Stir up Leggings

Talking about leggings, we definitely cannot forget these. This style is itself a highlight in a very attractive design. This one has a very distinctive design that extends up to the bottom of our feet. They go way up to the floor and form a U-shape at the ending. You can practically style these with everything in your wardrobe. They can be worn to your gym, a lunch date and even for your shopping spree. We couldn’t have been more happy with the creation of these! They have a very unique style that can be paired with everything. Also, it has an amazing grip because of the U-shape end. It also comes as shapewear. Voila!

Printed Leggings

This design has been in the fashion industry for so long that we almost forgot about it with time! But they are a great investment because of the patterns and designs they come in. You can never have enough of prints and we bet you on that. They stretch out on your body and so, body size and type is a very important factor while deciding on this one. You should always pair prints with plain colors. So if you are wearing a printed legging, pair it with a solid color t-shirt or tank top. It will look so fancy and definitely become a wardrobe staple.

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