The best guide to taking care of ignored areas of your body in winter

While it’s good to keep pampering your skin and dedicate most of your time to take care of your face, the other parts of your body could also use some attention, especially in winter. It is a very well known fact that your skin becomes extremely dry in winter, thanks to the dip in temperature and lack of moisture in the air. When it comes to skincare, your face always gets the most attention, which isn’t right, considering your entire body bears the brunt of winter and not just your face. We are not telling you to spend less time taking care of your face, what we mean is you need to divert some attention to other parts of your body as well, since they are equally affected by winter. When it comes to building a skincare routine for harsh winter, you shouldn’t just think about your face but the rest of your body as well. Certain areas of your body like the neck, legs, hands, and lips are often ignored when it comes to skincare, and this ignorance results in itchiness and dryness in these areas. But we won’t let this happen anymore, listed below are a few tips on how you can take care of your neck, lips, hands, and legs in winter.


The winter season can be pretty harsh and unforgiving, it doesn’t show mercy on anyone, and when it comes to your neck, it is as much affected by winter as the rest of your face. And since most of us find a little warmth and comfort in scarves and turtleneck during harsh winter months, these woolen clothes often results in rashes and irritation on the neck. Therefore, you should apply moisturizer to your neck to keep issues like these at bay. You can use your usual winter moisturizer to deliver nourishment to your neck.


Hands are one of those parts of your body that are most affected in winter. Your hands become extremely dry during winters, and frequently washing your hands only makes things worse. You should consider investing in a rich and creamy hand cream that is formulated with hydrating ingredients to give your skin a boost of hydration. Always keep one hand cream on your bedside as well as your desk so that you can quickly apply the cream to your hands to keep them hydrated and pretty.



Just because your legs hide beneath those thick layers of jeans, it doesn’t mean you should deprive that area of moisture. While we all know winter can be pretty harsh, this season can prove to be a lot worse for the legs since they get subjected to a variety of things throughout the day, including shaving, hot showers, friction from the clothes, etc. Whether or not you are planning to wear a dress in winter, it’s extremely crucial to moisturize your legs, especially the lower half as it can develop dry and patches that not only look prominent but are super annoying to deal with.


As soon as the winter approaches, your lips start to feel extremely dry, flaky, and parched. Your lips often get ignored when it comes to skincare; the situation becomes even worse in winter. Therefore, it’s imperative to give your lips extra care and attention to make them appear soft, smooth, and healthy. In addition to keeping your nourishing lip balm handy and applying it every few hours, make sure to indulge in regular lip exfoliation to slough off dead skin cells from the surface and get your lips to look smoother. You can look for lip balms that offer sun protection to keep your lip protected from the sun.

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